CNIS held a conference on “Self-government traditions and development: Azerbaijan and Turkey experience” in Lahij

June 4th, 2010 § 0

The conference on “Self-government traditions and development: Azerbaijan and Turkey experience” was organized by the Center for National and International Studies at Lahij settlement of Ismayilli region.  Turker Tashansu, professor of Ankara University and some representatives of civil society of Lahij settlement participated at the conference.  

Leyla Alieyva, Head of the Center for National and International Studies delivered the opening address at the conference and stated that the main purpose of this conference is to inform on establishment and development of local autonomous bodies in Azerbaijan and Turkey and to share the experience gained by Turkey in this direction. “Just 100 years ago all positions were not appointed, but were rather elected.” – Leyla Aliyeva stated.

Kamran Ismayilov, scientist-historian speaking about the history of the local autonomous bodies emphasized that “in 1918 the self-government traditions were renewed by establishment of the Azerbaijan People’s Republic and it progressively developed.”

Speaking about the formation of the autonomous bodies in Turkey Turker Tashansu stated that “Turkey lags behind Azerbaijan from the standpoint of historical development of local autonomous bodies. When the legislation on self-government was adopted in the Azerbaijan People’s Republic, Turkey was under occupation.” 

The Turkey scientist emphasized that: “The main duty of the self-government system is to form political elite in the country. In other words, the autonomous body is a political school. Today, 9/10 politicians in Turkey are from the autonomous bodies.” 

Speaking on the self-government development in Ismayilli region Sarkar Mardanov stated that “The municipalities almost do not have any power. The same work is done both by municipalities and executive authorities. There are also financial problems.  Income of the municipality of Ismayilli region for 2009 was totally 31 thousand manats, and only 6 thousand manats were spent for the population needs, the rest was spent for taxes and administrative fees.”

Expert Abil Bayramov spoke about the development and problems of the self-government of the present period. “Upon accession to the European Charter by Azerbaijan in relation to local self-government, a number of works have been carried out in this direction.  Though we positively evaluate the merging of municipalities, there are still some problems in this field. The problems such as specification of the municipalities’ power and expansion of financial opportunities should be stated among them.”

Closing the conference Leyla Aliyeva stated that the municipalities should be provided with liberty of action to fulfill effectively their obligations. “By providing the people with more resources and authority, the state ensures its own power.” – Leyla Aliyeva finished her speech.

Valeh Salehov, representative of Executive Power of Ismayilli region and Vusal Majidov, Chairman of Ismayilli Municipality took part in the event.

The conference was held with the support of National  Endowment for Democracy and German Marshall Fund.

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