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FB users continue to discuss the results of the recent elections of the chair of Musavat party. One of the candidates Tofig Yagublu, who came second, but was not elected to the representative organ of the party- Divan, commented that “while the party members did not elect me to Divan, this will not stop me from the party activities and now the most important issue is to prepare to participate in the 19 October public meeting”. (Tofig Yagublu has been consistently promoting the cooperation between the opposition parties and was Musavat representative in the National Council. The 19 October public meeting on behalf of the National Council was announced by the leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli on the 14th October. The slogan of the meeting is: For freedom to Karabagh, for the future of our children, for Freedoms, Justice and Life with Dignity).

Ali Kerimli stated on his FB page that authorities yet again violated the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic, denying the request of opposition to hold the meeting in the city center and suggesting Lokbatan as alternative. Lokbatan is a distant settlement near Baku. We notified ( as in Constitution) the authorities that our meeting will take place near the metro station 28 May on the 19th at 15.00 and it will be a peaceful meeting. The authorities cannot violate our right of free assembly!

Khadija Ismayil posted on her timeline: “2 years ago the investigative journalist from Malta Daphne Moruana Galizia was burned in her car. One of the main targets of her investigation was the joint shadow and money laundering activities of some Maltese officials and Azerbaijani oligarchs. The investigation is dragged, as the government create obstacles. Today I posted the piece about the luxurious holidays of the children of SOCAR’s officials. Daphne’s son has commented under my posting “ they eliminated my country, killed my mother”… I am ashamed”- concludes Khadidja Ismayil.

People shared posts and videos about the anniversary of violent suppression of post-election public meeting at the Freedom square in Baku on 16 October  2003. The presidential elections brought to power the son of Heydar Aliyev Ilham Aliyev, who has been in power since then. The elections were strongactly criticized by the international observation mission and were followed by the unprecedented repressions against the opposition, first of all Musavat party.

Altay Geyushov writes with irony, that it seems the ruling elite consists of simpletons: one on holidays in Spain had 2mln euros worth watch stolen, the other group on holidays in Mykonos in the restaurant was given a bill of 65 thousands euros…. To which degree then are we, the people, naïve, if such simpletons manage to rule us?

The journalist Nurlan Libre with irony quotes the minister of interior Vilayet Eyvazov, that during the last 5 years and the first half of the current year not a single case of the tortures or unhuman behaviour in relations to detained or arrested was registered. Libre also informed about sentencing of the political activist  Tahir Zangelan for 30 days of administrative detention.

The tensions between various groups of opposition continue to be subject of discussions and seems to intensify.  The FB users side with one group or another, defending positions and views of various leaders. On the other hand, some publications appeared, indicating concern by the government and attempts to discredit especially active and critical journalists broadcasting from abroad, such as Sevinc Osmanqizi, or Ismayil Jalilov.

FB users shared the information of the Azadlyq newspaper that the movement of Azerbaijanis in exile AND started vigils in front of the country’s embassies in Europe. The newspaper also published a statement by AND ( the Azerbaijan Movement for Democracy) on violation of the Azerbaijan’s Constitution’s article 48 on freedom of assembly when denied the venue in the  city center for the planned public meeting of opposition on the 19th October.

REAL activist from Prague Forum 2000 reports that unlike the last year this year the spirit of the forum was pessimistic up to predictions of democracy dying, but not offering the ways out.

The campaign KYD (Say no to corruption) continues on FB. The users shared few photos of people digging the garbage bins in the street, collages contrasting luxurious life style of officials and deputies of the parliament to the life of ordinary people getting pennies for the hard work.

Tofig Yagublu of Musavat reported that himself and other organizers of the public meeting on the 19th October were called to come to the head police office today.

Human rights defender Elchin Mammed authored an article analysing the recent appointment of the new prime-minister Ali Asadov, which, according to him discredits the idea, that the principle of new appointments by the president is technocratic. In fact, he traces his past to the corrupt practices and his closeness to former heard of National Intelligence Agency Eldar Mahmudov ( now fired) , the director of the International Bank of Azerbaijan Jahangir Hajiyev ( now in prison) and to the ruling family. Unlike the previous prime-minister Novruz Mammadov, who stayed there only 1,5 years, he is deeply a part of the clan and corrupt system of the government. He also suggests that due to new premier’s closeness to the former  head of the presidential administration Ramiz Mehtiyev, this appointment might be viewed as strengthening of his position.

The FB users criticise and ridicule the Chair of Parliamentary Committee on Social Policies Hadi Rajabli quoting him as saying that Azerbaijanis who work in Russia should contribute to the republic’s social protection fund.

The cartoon depicting a long line of Azerbaijani leaving the country and entering Iran for the medical treatment has been shared by the FB users.

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