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 part 2

Among most popular topics these days was quotation from the president Aliyev’s speech, that “ there are people in the government that resist reforms, because these reforms clash with their personal interests and they are trying at all means to create obstacles for us. They are trying to discredit those members of the government who are defenders of reforms in the media, so it turned into one of the forms of internal struggle. This is intolerable..” Many joke, that since the president himself is unhappy and protests, they invite the president and his supporters to the meeting on the 19th along with the other protesters. Altay Geyushov of REAL quoting the president’s  speech on the 16th October, that  “..we live in the 21st century, and how can one move forward with the old thinking?” comments: “ Yes, I agree, that building feudalism in the 21st century is the old thinking, transfer of power from father to son is an old thinking, appointment by the president of his wife to the position of vice -president is an old thinking, staying in power for more than two terms is an old thinking.. Now we have just to find who is to blame for all these actions..”

The Statuskar quotes one of the leaders of the youth NIDA movement Zaur Gurbanli, who appealed to the president asking him to make reforms to the Central Election Commission, because it interferes in the election and elects the president, while nobody gives his/her votes to him”.

Azadlyq newspaper publishes investigation about property in the Czech city of Brno of the head of Sumgayit city customs general  Vezir  Hesenov, who owns there a complex of 68 houses, along with the 34 apartments and 300 m2 restaurant and 800 m2 wide trade center. He in turn was not alone in this, assisted by Ferid Veliyev, the head of the transit operations in the customs committee.

FB users widely shared the reaction to the public meeting on the 19th. Overall FB users and participants agreed that the meeting was a success. Most importantly that in spite of  numerous and well prepared riot police force, participants went out  and did not surrender, consistently protested. They won over fear. The slogans were “Resignation”, “Freedoms”, “Karabagh”. People often mentioned unhuman treatment by the police of the participants, called it “ wild”, the resolute and the perceived hatred by the police was particular  shocking for the participants. Those, who called to the life videos, , were very emotional, even some men crying, complained that people from region could not join the meeting, called for the unification of all the nation and not to sleep at nights. The TV anchor Sevinc Osmanqizi comments that the government applied inadequate force to the peaceful protesters, and this is the way how the current power holds. FB users widely shared videos and photos of police grabbing protesters with excessive force, appealing to find out the identity of each policeman who was particularly brutal while detaining protesters.

Октябрь 19, 2019

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