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The topics widely discussed and shared these days were

FB users share the article about slavery in Baku enterprises. The story is related to the Bosnian workers, which also includes a video with the description of his experience  as a  worker there. Khadija Ismayil comments on the investigative material that investigation started in 2010 when the group of journalists visited Baku and tried to find Bosnian workers. Alovsta Aliyev the leader of the NGO Azerbaijan Migration Center helped with the contacts and data, as well as Saadet Akifgizi was working on that piece. Thanks to the big efforts of A. Aliyev, RFE/RL and some pressure of OSCE all the workers were released. What we failed to find though, she writes, is the ownership of the company. Now OCCRP has the answers to these questions.” The story reflected by OCCRP names the company which belongs to the wife of the minister of youth and sports.

Nigar Hezi reports about her attempt to speak to her father, who has been in prison for more than a month and that it was interrupted few times due to its monitoring.Tofig Yagublu sent his regards and gratitude for the support to all his friends. He also mentioned that in prison they are obliged to watch the programme by Mir Shahin and he is much worse person that they all thought.

Shahveled Chobaglu expresses his condolences to the Azerbaijani journalist Mehman Javadoglu, who played an important role in his life, in connection with the loss of his mother. He stresses that he considers him his teacher, not only in his professional field, but also as a personality due to his pure and highly dignified character.

Altay Geyushov posts the link to the Berthelsman’s Index of Transformation, where he is the author on the report on Azerbaijan.

Natig Jafarli writes about the phone call from the journalist asking him why the financial condition of the Ata Bank has worsened? I answered that this is because Fazil mammadov is not a minister anymore. Then he asked why the license of Ata Bank was eliminated, I answered that this is because Fazil Mammadov is not a minister anymore. Our political-economic system works this way: first the bureaucrat get in the chairs, then – in diffusion with business, so when they lose their official position, they lose their business too. – so this turns to be the Azerbaijani style success story.

Ali Karimli’s timeline reflected the chronology of his isolation.  It informs that its been the 16th day that he lives in the state of communication blockade. While his telephone works with some breaks, internet  is still not restored. During this period even face to face communication with him was prevented. They have established a police post bu his house illegally, so they detain everyone who visits him, in spite of them having the permission. On the 8th April his assistant Faig Amirli has been forcibly taken away from his house  and on the 9th April given sentence of 30 days of administrative detention. On the 9th of April Ruslan Amirov  his bodyguard  was detained for 30 days for violation of the quarantine rules. These two arrests already caused problems in communication and coordination of of activities of Ali Karimli. On the 13 april  just 15-20 minutes before his interview to the Sevinj Osmangizi TV his internet on his and his wives mobile was cut off, so was the telephone connection. On the 14th April the internet was restored , but as soon as they planned to broadcast the postponed interview it was cut off again. Then in order to test non-technical nature of this problem the activist Islam Islamzade in capacity of taxi driver bought a new modem, but it idi not work either. They have given both modems to the company producer to test it, but they never heard from them, although they promised to give the answer within 3 days. Ali Karimli has already sued the provider AzerCell for failing to fulfil its obligations before the customer. On the 16th April another bodyguard of Ali Karimli Niyameddin Ahmadov was detained and sentenced  while he was shopping for 30 days. The activist who brought the modem for Ali Karimli  Islam Islamzade was also detained on the 17th April for 30 days. The same day on his way to the house of Ali Karimli the correspondent of Azadlyg newspaper  Tezekhan Miralamli was detained by the people in the civilian clothes and taken to the Khatayi region police department held there for 6 hours and then released. However, the internet on his mobile was also cut off. On the 20th April the employee of the youtube channel Azad Soz Teymur Karimov was detained while receiving from Fatima Movladli  the video recording with the interview of Ali Karimli, was beaten up, his computer was broken, the card with video with interview was taken away. The journalist complained to the law enforcement bodies for this attack. On the 28th April the journalist of the Azadlyg newspaper Saadet Jahangir and deputy chair of the Supreme Council of the party Irada Aliyeva on their way to get an interview from Ali Karmili on the occasion of his 55 years anniversary  were detained near his house by the people in civilian clothes and taken to the police department. They have been held there for 4 hours and their telephones were taken away and then they were fined for 100 manats for violating the quarantine regime, although they had permissions, and released.

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