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The FB community’s leading topic of discussion is the speech of Ilham Aliyev on the 6th August where he criticises the state companies and suggests their privatisation. They question both its motivation, noting an inconsistency of it  and the technical implementation of such reform without proper change of other state institutions and the system overall. The other topic is continued indictments of the opposition activists, including the court hearing of Tofig Yagublu, the severe sentence to the PFP leader’s driver Pasha Umudov of 4 years 6 months, the tortures and refusal of their lawyers by Fuad Gahramanli and  and absence of information of held as a hostage of the son of Mammad Ibrahim. Pandemic continues to concern the community, especially the state aid and its insignificant amount even in comparison with neighbouring poor with resources Georgia.       The FB community closely follows the events in Belarus, most of the observers being pessimistic about the outcome.  Resettlement of Lebanese Armenians in Karabagh is worryingly reported and commented on.

The FB community questions the consistency of the president’s statement and policies regarding the state companies. They mention that the most unsuccessful state company is AZAL, which the president just 25 days ago awardee by the Order of Honor and two times before that in 2010 and in 2020 Order of Glory. Gubad Ibadoglu summarize the state companies’ activities , as “taking 11 manat from the budget, while only 1 manat returning to it. “ He notes, that yesterday contribution of SOCAR to the budget was reduced by 210 mln manat. The support of 12 vice-presidents, their departments and assistants is exceedingly expensive but they are not reduced, in contrary with the worsening situation of SOCAR their number is growing. Seymur Hezi argues that president’s criticisim of the state  companies is directly related to discrediting of the governance.” Million of people has been working to compensate their debts and finance their machinations, so without answering the question where did all the billions of manats go  – nothing will change. The other analysts consider that the reason of the criticism of the state companies is the interest of the vice-president’s family Pashayev’s to  participate in the privatization of these companies. B.Hajiyev asks- why the issue so far has not been considered in the Parliament? The FB users most frequently asked question is who will be accountable for the multimillion worth watches, the villas with the landing for helicopters, foreign business etc.?

FB community compares the state aid in the country with that in Georgia, where beisdes freeing population from the gas, water, electricity bills for three spring months, they will do it in the winter too, every child under 17 yearsl will get 200 lari, each person who worked without contract will contonue to get 300 lari, 33,000 students will be freed from one semester of education fee and many other. ( besides visa-free travel to Europe after the end of quarantine).

The fate of the political prisoner and activist of PFP Fuad Gahramanli continues to be the subject of concern and campaign, which is activley shared. Gozel Bayramli stresses, that his right for legal defence is violated, his wereabouts is hidden, the meeting with the lawyer was not given, and his being alive is under question. The fact that he refused of his lawyer and the court of appeal is a proof of that. She appeals to the intrenational community to approach this issue seriously and demands the local autorities to immediately release him. Ali Karimli issues an Nigar Hezi reporst that the documents which are submitted to the court hearing on her father’s (Tofig Yagublu) case are first looked through in the other place in violation of trhe procedure, and she mentions the name of chief of the detention center 3 in Shuvelian Jalil Aliyev, who participates in this violation. Fb community discusses the fale evidence and fake complainants ( Elkhan and Javahir Jabrayilova)  at Tofig Yagublu’s case and the last court hearing, where there was a great dissonance in their testifying. The fate of the other prisoner— the PFP activist’s son Mahammad Imanli – is also the subect of worry and concern. His father Mammad Ibrahim stresses that he has not receved any information about his son for 22 days and he understands that he was taken hostage because of his father. He appeals to the internal and foreign communities not to keep silence about  this injustice and suggests authorities to release his son, and arrest himself in exchange.

The corruption of officials is continued topic on FB. The investigative journliasts attract attention to the whole population of the village Kusnet of the Gabala region being resettled by the president Aliyev, as a result of his privatisation of 37 hectares of land.

Август 11, 2020

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