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The Center for National and International Studies (CNIS) is an independent, non-profit research institution based in Baku, Azerbaijan. Our goal is to conduct non-partisan research on issues ranging from regional conflicts and security; oil and politics; state and democracy building; and foreign and domestic policies. We aim to provide policy- makers with up-to-date expertise and increase the level of public awareness on vital issues concerning Azerbaijani society.

CNIS’s FB Digest is a bi-weekly platform that surveys Azerbaijani media outlets and summarizes the events and issues of pressing importance to local activists, journalists, scholars, and politicians. The digest facilitates real discussions regarding the opportunities and obstacles facing Azerbaijan and serves as a valuable tool for understanding Azerbaijani society from the ground-up.

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December 2021 Digests     

“Do you know why the police tie the

detainees’ hands and eyes when they

beat them? Because they are afraid…”

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November 2021 Digests

“If the intellectuals keep silent about the corruption, social injustice, and do not bother to protest even once, then they can not be considered as an intellectual.”

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Center for National and International Studies (CNIS)

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Декабрь 14, 2021