CNIS participated in the 7th Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy in Lima ( Peru)

The  7th Assembly of World Movement of Democracy  took place  on 14-17 October in Lima ( Peru). It’s overarching topic was “ Democracy for all: Ensuring Political, Social and Economic Inclusion” and it brought together near 500 participants from different continents of the world – representatives of both NGOs and international organizations.  It was opened and led  by the Chair of the World Movement Steering Committee Right Honorable  Kim Campbell  Chair of the Former -Prime Minister of Canada.

The 7th assembly  was devoted to the recent  global trends of democracy development, new  achievements  and challenges it currently faces  to enable scholars and practitioners , activists, NGOs and human rights defenders to raise effectiveness of their work. As usual, it created a unique opportunity for people united by common goals  internationally  to exchange ideas and experience which would help them to deepen   the vision and  to enrich strategies, to build network and  promote their causes. The  plenary sessions  featured prominent democracy activists, such as Nobel Laureate Tawakkul Karman ( Yemen), Yevgeni Zhovtis ( Kazakhstan),  Glanis Changachirere ( Zimbabwe).  More than 50 workshops and panels were devoted to wide variety of issues related to responses of the democratic community to the modern global trends in governance, development and revision  of the strategies  of the civil activists in accordance with  the new challenges to the democracy building.

The CNIS has co-organized the panel  “Defending Civil Societies” – How to work  in Legally Repressive environments”  with  Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition ( Chair Okay Machisa), one of the biggest NGOs in Africa which unites  300 organizations in Zimbabwe  working towards  achievement of sustainable peace and democracy in the country. At the panel on the 16th of October, which was moderated by Leila Alieva and Okay Machisa,  the views of major  continents of the world were represented. The participants from  USA, Venezuela, Burma , Africa and post-Soviet space  made interventions about the global trends, problems and  success stories their countries experience on the path to open and  fully democratic systems.

The CNIS president,  Dr.Leila Alieva, has also spoken  at the panel on the 17th of October  “ Challenges  to Democracy Assistance: Confronting the New Authoritarianism”, along with Christopher Walker ( USA), Rodrigo Diamanti ( Venezuela), Renee Xia ( China), Marek Svoboda ( Czech Republic).

The WMD has also created a unique opportunity for an alumni meeting of many Reagan Fascell fellows of the National Endowment for Democracy at the reception which NED organized on the 16th evening.

The  Assembly had enjoyed an official reception of the Municipality and Mayor of the city of Lima – Susanna Villaran de la Puente.

Ноябрь 7, 2012