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The dominating topic of these days is the clashes between State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic special guards and the handicapped  Karabagh war veterans, over the houses of veterans allegedly built “ illegally” on the territories which belong to SOCAR.  As the SOCAR guards applied  an excessive force against the veterans ( they beat up the veterans with their own crutches) , the ambulance was called to the place of clashes. The next day the representative of the executive power came to see the veterans. The users also recalled that Rovnaq Abdullayev the SOCAR’s director’s son was recently involved in a scandal with his 2 mln dollars worth watches, stolen in Ibiza. In connection with the events the journalist Shahveled Cobanoglu asks where are 2,5 bln manats distributed by state from the  housing fund and why they did not reach veterans, who  “preferred” to built their houses in the contaminated soil belonging to SOCAR?  The activists of Popular Front Party mention prosecutor-general Zakir Garalov, who is indifferent to the cases of violence, when it is committed by the state representatives- SOCAR, in contrast with his earlier statement about recently resigned deputy chair of PFPA Fuad Gehremanli due to the reported by the family member domestic violence.

Another topic is continuing court hearing on the case of the suicide of a teenager Elina Hajieva, victim of bullying,  who on the 4th April threw herself from the window of her school and died of injuries in the hospital. At the last court hearing the witness confirmed that in spite of her urging to call the ambulance, it was not done in time by the school director.

The recent death of “Ganja events” prisoner continues to be discussed. Eshgin Guliyev, who was arrested on the 10th July 2018 died on 29 th September 2019  in the prison hospital of hepatitis C. He was very ill already, when he was read a sentence of 20 years imprisonment. The users also remind of the earlier (in July) death of cancer of another Ganja events prisoner Aydin Gurbanov. 

Criminal charges against  ( article 317-1.1) Leyla İsmayilzade, the wife of political prisoner – leader of the Muslim Unity movement Taleh Bagirzade, continue to be discussed and  criticised by the human rights defenders.    

Member of Parliament ( Milli Majlis) and the member of the ruling party Rafael Jabrailov resigned following the rumours that he had to leave his MP ID as a security for the large debt  ( in 2010 parliamentary elections Rafael Jabrailov was  a rival of Ilgar Mammadov, leader of REAL party)

The activists discuss the upcoming elections in the opposition party Musavat. The party plans to hold  debates of candidates to the chair of Musavat party.Three members already announced that they would run: Yadigar Sadikhly, Tofig Yagubli and the current chair of the party Arif Hajili.

The former presidential candidate Jamil Hesenli writes about the organized campaign on discreditation of Ali Kerimli, coinciding with  the preparations for planned protest meeting on the 8th October. 

Октябрь 6, 2019