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The users continue to discuss the clashes between SOCAR and Karabagh war veterans, especially the statement of the director of SOCAR that “most of the handicapped protesters were not the war veterans”. Does this mean, ask many, that it is legal to beat up people, even if they are not Karabagh veterans? As a nation, one says, we are in a big trouble.

The Popular Front Party Youth organization shares the videos of people burrowing in the  street garbage bins. The accompanying message is: Are people of the country which received 146 bln of oil income supposed to be living this way?

The photo from the High Eurasian Union Economic Council’s meeting in Yerevan have been in the center of discussion for a few days already.  The main issue is the sincere laughing expressions and cosy connection of the president of Iran  Rouhani and prime-minister  of Armenia Pashinian, revealing mutual understanding between the two. The comments suggest, that the picture reveals  the nature of Iran, that its anti-azerbaijaniand anti-Turk stance will never change.

Women- journalists were discussing the case, when they tried to help a woman who reported emergency on domestic violence, but the helpline 201 was too busy and the caller appeared to be 14th in the queue. The users compared it with similar helplines in the other countries, such as neighboring Turkey, reporting their greater effectiveness.

The users discuss the shooting of the civilian Sefer Alishov on the border regions with Armenia. They ask in the situation of war what was the logic of replacement of the military by the border troops in the front line. According to the discussants,  there is a propaganda of peace at schools and 24th September was even announced the day of peace. Who do they prepare for the peace with if in one week 10 soldiers and 1 civilian was killed and they seem not to understand that the country which occupied 20% if not responded with the relevant answer will occupy all 100%.

The users share the quotation of one of the activists about the director of SOCAR “ İn the normal country Rovnag Abdullayev would not even be appointed the director of the chicken broiler factory, while in our country he has been a director of the state oil company”. In the other postings, the users comment on the “poor level of his education” based on his interviews to the media.

The human rights defender Taleh Khasmammadov posted a photo with quotation of the Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov, who said that “ we will demonstrate  an irreconcilable stance to the forces who try to violate the stability in the country”. and commented: “How can we convince him, that we are actually trying to preserve stability, not to violate it? While irreconcilable stance is usually taken against the country’s enemies? “

The issue of ongoing census is discussed and the uncertainties about the ethnic and civic identities in the center of attention. The minorities are afraid that their ethnicity will not be  preserved, while representatives of majority- Turkic population assert that quite opposite- as the country continues the Soviet traditions- all minorities will be named, while Turkic population ( like in the Soviet times) will not and will be called “ Azerbaijani”.

The users share with sarcastic and critical remarks the statement by one of the popular TV anchors and the members of KVN game, who said, that “ oil belongs to the state, so instead of complaining that the oil is mismanaged, people better join the government and manage the oil”.

The statement of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov that there is no threat of resumption of military actions in Karabagh front is shared and accompanied with comments that this is because the republic’ s government is under the control of Putin’s regime .

According to the shared comment by one of the FB users, the main topic of the message exchange of primary school parents regarding the beginning of the new school year is all about “collection of money ” The user comments – the intense message exchange is not about education, preparation, textbooks etc.- its all about collecting money.

The low level of all TV  channels is a hot topic of discussion. The users contrast the topics and level of the talk shows ( about outfits, expensive clothes and accessories, private lives and gossips of actors etc.) to the real problems of the country, which are not reflected on TV.

The social media reported that individual vigil holder protesting political prisoners Rafael Huseynzade has been released after 30 days of administrative detention.

The FB users are sharing and discussing the Meydan TV story of how the employees of the Yasamal district executive power tear off one by one  newly planted trees by the local dwellers under the excuse that there  will be built the houses for the refugees, but in fact – freeing the space for the private construction.

Октябрь 6, 2019