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The social network users widely discuss the worsened health condition of the opposition PFPA activist Fuad Ahmedli, who has been sentenced in June 2017 for 4 years in prison. His father Zafar Ahmadov appealed to the democrats- friends abroad, first of in “Ukriane, Georgia, Lithuania, Russia and Moldova to help him to release his son before the Aliyev’s regimes kills him in  prison”.

The journalist Shahveled Chobanoglu writes, that just before his arrest this pure, intelligent and decent activist had a surgery on his lungs and now his health is seriously aggravated. Why was his arrested?- asks the journalist, — because he was telling the truth and because  he was a member of the opposition party Popular Front”. The journalist demands freedom to Fuad Ahmedli. The newly released journalist Seymur Hezi also writes about Ahmedli health condition.

“ Based on my experience, I can tell, that if his condition was not serious he would not be transferred to the medical department of prison. Ilham Aliyev treats regime critics as his enemies. He should give regular updates to the people about Ahmedli’s health condition”.

The human rights defender Taleh Khasmammadov writes about unacceptable behaviour of the policeman  of the Goyacay region Ilkin Badalov, who detains  and beats up underage children, insults publicly people etc. and warns that

if the interior minister Vilayet Eyvazov does not fire him, the patience of the local people will be over.

“Statuskar” quotes Meydan TV interview with Aybeniz Jangirova, the citizen of the Restejar village of Ujar region who complains about poverty in her family. “ What is this bread, that my child is crying about? I lost my job and my husband makes only 3 manat per day. We pay 70 manats for rent and before we earn this money, we simply cannot sleep”.

“Statuskar” also quotes youth movement NIDA’s leader, former political prisoner Ilkin Rustamzade, who reports that after his status about tortures in the colony 13, the representatives of the Ombudsman’s office, Red cross, curators of penitentiary system, UN. Ministry of Justice etc. all came with inspection and as a result majority of prisoners from the punishment cell were transferred to the medical department, while the employee, who tortured prisoners — was fired. He appeals to his followers to be consistent in revealing and making public the cases of violation of rights, as this case proves that it does have an effect.

The human rights defender Elchin Hesenzade writes about difficulties which citizens  of Nakhichevan region — the relatives of the  deceased people, face when they try to transport their bodies from Baku to Nakhichevan via AZAL ( Azerbaijan airlines). They charge the relatives for the weight of the bodies, the tickets for accompanying relatives are usually not found, so they have to go by bus etc.

The users are discussing and commenting on the debates at the Sevinc  Osmangizi TV of two major candidates in the upcoming elections of the opposition Musavat party – Tofiq Yagublu and Yadigar Sadykhli.


Октябрь 7, 2019