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The FB users continue to discuss the elections in opposition party Musavat on the 13th October. The winner was the current chair Arif Hajili with 262 votes, then Tofiq Yagublu with 51 votes and Yadigar Sadyghli with 20. The opposition activist in exile Ramiz Yunus, who lives in America, strongly criticised the former chair of Musavat Isa Gambar for endorsing one of the candidates- the current chair Arif Hajili, suggesting that because Gambar enjoys high reputation in the party it influenced the outcome of elections. As a proof he brought the results of polling by the wider audience of viewers of the internet debates, where Tofiq Yagublu appeared to be a leader. While Tofig Yagublu congratulated the winner and said that he would continue the work within the party, Yadigar Sadyghli – did not and said he would not be part of any governing structures of the party, but will stay a member.

The issue of attitude of authorities to the heroin of the action on the 8th October- an ordinary woman Pervane Ahmadova who strongly criticized the authorities continues to be discussed. There are various interpretations of what happened to her after she disappeared upon the arrival to her house by the group of people in the cars. Some as reflected in the previous issue of the digest suggested, that they “bought her” and she “surrendered”. The other was actually seeing a positive side of the case, as it was a demonstration that one must criticise the government in order to be rewarded or to get some results. Metleb Mutallimli, the deputy, simply wrote an open letter to the minister of interior Vilayet Eyvazov, that he should immediately investigate the disappearance, or hijacking, of Pervane Ahmadova, who criticized the government at the picket of 8th October.

The information about the holidays on Mykonos island in Greece of the group of the children of the high level SOCAR officials continue to be shared and discussed in details.

FB users widely discuss the Summit of Cooperation Council of Organization of Turkic Speaking states, quoting Erdogan, who said that he wished there were 6 states and one nation. The people were also ironic, that the Turkic Summit was attended in capacity of observers both by the Hungarian head of state and the Turkmenistan’s. Uzbekistan was accepted as a full member. Ilham Aliyev used the meeting as a platform to describe the situation with Karabagh and noted, that
Zangezur ( now region of Armenia) was given by bolsheviks to Armenia after occupation in 1920 in order to split the Turkic world and that the negotiations are not moving forward because of the destructive position of Armenia.

The users share with expression of a shock the information that on the 30 of October Baku will host the meeting of the ministries of defence of the CIS states, as the minister of defence of Azerbaijan announced on the 12 October. “Let the president explain us, what kind of status of relations do we have with neighbouring Armenia that their minister might be coming for this meeting? Have we signed a peace agreement already? What is going on?”

The users shared the posters: somebody’s ad that says “ I sell my kidney, please only serious people call”. The other poster is a cartoon depicting the chair of the electoral commission Mazahir Panahov, saying that “there might be attempts of the external interference in Azerbaijan by means of elections”.

The campaign against domestic violence continues with shares of the poster, showing that in 5 days in Azerbaijan there were 12 cases of domestic violence with the respective geography of crimes. The essay by the leader of the youth NIDA movement Ilkin Rustemzade with the analysis of the domestic violence is discussed and shared by the users.

Users also share the information about the murder of the young and talented student Javid Hajiyev, graduate of the Master’s programme in Germany, who visited his friend in Kiev.

Another clip from the opposition picket of the 8th October with the father who lost his 30 year old son due to the poor medical service and desperately cried complaining before the riot police is widely shared and commented on.

The group of young political activists and journalists both from the country and from exile report from the Prague Forum 2000.

Октябрь 15, 2019