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FB continues to actively discuss the opposition not sanctioned by the authorities National Council meeting on the 19th and the women’s rally against domestic violence on the 20th.

The FB users particularly shocked and comment with irony the official statement, that Ali Kerimli himself wounded his head by hitting it against the iron sides in the bus. They consider the opposition sadist-masochists, comments one user.

The users also demand freedom to those detained, in particular Tofig Yagublu, who has been tortured, or Baha Mikailov, the chiar of the Musavat party Kurdamir branch office, and human rights defender.

The campaign of naming and shaming of policemen, who participated in brutal suppression of the rally is continued. People share the photos of the police, who were identified, their names and titles. The users also deny and criticize the information that these special forces are composed of Kurds brought from Syria.

The FB users widely criticize the statement by the head attorney of the country Anar Bagirov, that “you have a right of freedom of assembly and I have a right  of freedom of rest”. One comments, that this proves that such an important freedom is so undervalued by the head attorney. “One wants to ask, — he continues- if you have  a courage, why did not you oppose Formula -1 races??”

Vahdi Gazi, a writer in exile, comments on the women’s rally on the 20th, making reference to the 100 year Azerbaijani history, that the civil society can strive only there, where the women rights are provided.

The FB shares an information with the great number dislikes of the programme from exile by the compromised ( ex-opposition) activist Gurban Mammadov.

Mehman Huseynov, blogger and activist, comments on the police force: “ This is what makes people indignant- they put weak and poor 18-19 year old soldiers to confront enemy at the front line, while — enormous well fit sportsmen to confront peaceful protesters in the city center. May be you could send these robot like police to the front-line?”

FB users shared with ironic remarks the statement by the TREND information agency’s political department, criticizing the statement of the US embassy regarding the violence at the rally, and stating that instead of intervening in internal affairs of Azernaijan, they better focus on violence in their own country. https://en.trend.az/azerbaijan/politics/3137039.html?fbclid=IwAR3L8836LVP22IMWCRqNaLXUEnwmI1_rkymhSzxWkKgQdsF2O2Vc6qvUA_0

The interview of Ali Kerimli by Meydan TV on the events of 19 October attracted near 128,000 views. Similarly, the interview by Sevinc Osmanqizi of a few activists, politicians and experts, including former US ambassador Richard Kauzalrich,  attracted 29,000 views.

The activist Mammad Ibrahim reports about check out in the hospital, which confirmed the injuries which he received during the 19th October rally. The FB users widely shared the photos of the activist Ibrahim Iabrhimli, Ali Kerimli, a female journalist and others who have visible traces of wounds on their faces and bodies.

The human rights defender Elshen Hesenov comments on the resignations in the government which followed the 19th October rally: “The president should have fired people responsible for the brutal dispersal of the peaceful rally. All the intrenayional conventions were violated. The reforms should start exactly from these people — high level Interior ministry and  Genera Prosecutor’s . They should held responsible for their hostile actions against Azerbaijani people in the court.”

REAL party activist Natig Jafarli comments on the statement by the president’s assistant Ali Hasanov that they are ready to meet opposition and have a dialoguewith them and this is the way to resolve problems, not by public rallies. Jafarli notes, that in all states the issues are resolved with the help of institutions rather than in the private deal ( or a manual mode, as Jafarli calls it). After the authorities had eliminated all the state insitutions designed to resolve the issues, like elections, free media and civil society, how are they going resolve these issues now?

Leader of the National Council, who held a rally on the 19th , Jamil Hasanli came up with the statement. He condemned the authorities in violently suppressing  the peaceful rally of people with slogans “Resignation”, “Freedom”, “Free elections”, “Liberate Karabagh”, “Freedom to Political prisoners!”, “ Provide for Child benefits”,      “We want social protection”. He demanded immediate release of all detained and arrested activists.

FB users also share a photo of an allegedly a policemen, who resigned in protest of the violent suppression of demonstration.

Октябрь 23, 2019