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The issue of the tortures of  activists and cruelty of police, brutal dispersal of the rally by women in defence of Alizamin Salayev, women’s rights, election campaign, social economic issues dominated FB space these days.

Journalist Seymur Hezi warns in regards the situation around the activist Alizamin Salayev and the police capitain Hamza. “ We still want to believe that not everything has been destroyed in Azerbaijan. The minister of interior Vilayet Eyvazov should eliminate this shame and immediately resolve the issue, so  Hamza ( the policeman, who raped the woman and was discredited by the activist) image will not extend to the whole  police system, something not a single patriot, including myself would wish for!”

FB users share quotation from Giyas Ibrahimov who called police “ the contract killer of the mafia, which represents the state” , and “ our police is most disgusting, it is fascist!”

One of the FB users posts the statement: “ They sentence to 7 years  the woman victim of rape by the policeman, while give tortures to her defender. The country is ruled by savages!”

FB users widely shared photos and videos of the brutal dispersal by police of the vigil and rally of dozens of women activists in defence of Alizamin Salayev, who was tortured in the police department number 8 in Baku city.  The women activists carrying posters, demanded resignation of the recently appointed minister of  interior Vilayet Eyvazov.

Similar brutality by the police was applied to the protesters against illegal demolition of the private houses on Sovetsky street.

Gubad Ibadoglu of ADR comments on the electronic credit and mortgage governance system, based on his experience of dealing with it. He writes in his timeline, that recently the Mortgage and Credit Insurance Fund announced that media gave information that Electronic system of the fund collapsed, which does not correspond the reality. To test this statement, Ibadoglu tried to enter the system, but failed. He writes; “ They shamelessly deny information, but so far 10 mln manat wise system did not work.  This is yet an electronic system, imagine how their administrative system works! This is a shame. They start one worthy  project per month, or per year, and totally fail with its implementation.”

He also analyses the pattern of consumption and development in  the country. “People eat differently in this country- some have good meals, some – cannot afford it and have basic food. However, this does not define the development, but the health and education system does.”  He considers that while there are some positive changes in the education system, mainly at the expense of  some Universities the worsening is observed in the health system year by year. He lists few factors indicating it. One is that in spite of the budget money given out for health system, the expenses on health of the citizens are permanently rising. Second, the costly health system makes it less accessible for the average citizen, while at the same time decreasing its quality. Thirdly, poor governance and commercialization of the health system undermines population’s trust to it and make them go for medical service to other states, such as Georgia, Russia, Germany, USA, Iran, Turkey. There are no news about the medical insurance either.  He concludes;” The Azerbaijani health system, which has not been changing for years, along with the monopoly in pharmaceutical companies, promises new illnesses and problems for the poor citizens of the country!”

The issue of elections is continuously reported, shared and commented on. The FB users share the election platforms of opposition political and civil leaders , such as Erkin Gadirli of REAL, Almaz Mammadova, Isa Gambar, Arif Hacili  of Musavat, independents Ziya Guliyev, Azer Gasimli etc.

On the other hand, FB users ridicule the campaign of the pro-government candidates. Elchin Rustamov commenting on frequently repeated by many of them appearance of being close with people, writes: “ As I understand it,  the candidates try to find  some old grandma and kiss her hand”

The FB users also share the opinion of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe observers, that the atmosphere in the country is not conducive for the fair elections.

Natig Jafali reports that the campaign posters were torn apart on some boards in his district.

More than thousand views attracted the video posted by Yusif Mammadov showing his three underage sons with the comment: “ It is been two days that my kids are hungry”.

The other posting shows the video with the title: “Look how well SOCAR supplies gas to the distant Armenian village in Georgia”.

Январь 25, 2020

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