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“The true heroes of Karabakh remain concealed from the public eye, as there is an effort to construct a false heroic image of Aliyev in order to legitimize his claim over the reclaimed territories…”

(Lack of) Human Rights and Freedoms

Kanan Zeynalov, a 57-year-old member of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) who also serves as the party chairman Ali Karimli’s bodyguard was sentenced to 25 administrative detention. The Surakhani District Court passed a verdict sentencing him to 25 days of administrative detention. His offense, as per Article 535.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, was allegedly resisting the police. Meydan TV reported that an administrative error protocol was filed against Kanan Zeynalov at the 33rd police station. During his court appearance, Zeynalov vehemently denied the allegations recorded in the protocol, asserting that they were false. He recounted being detained while simply going to buy bread. Despite his protestations, Judge Elnur Nuriyev ordered a 25-day administrative arrest. The APFP has informed Meydan TV that they intend to file an appeal against this decision on behalf of Kanan Zeynalov.

Galib Toghrul, the brother of jailed party leader Gubad Ibadoglu, has today asserted that Fazil Gasimov, an economist allegedly acting under government directives, has levied baseless accusations against Ibadoglu. Toghrul made the following statement: “I recently visited Gubad at the Baku Detention Center. Yesterday, I learned some details of an investigation led by chief investigator Yusif Yusifov with the involvement of Fazil Gasimov, who was forcibly brought from Turkey in early August to support my brother’s unjust arrest. Mr. Gasimov, who endured two months of psychological pressure and severe stomach pains, had been prepared extensively to testify against Gubad.” He further emphasized that this investigative procedure was marred by significant procedural violations, with Chief Investigator Yusif Yusifov failing to disclose the entirety of Fazil Gasimov’s testimony. Gasimov, who declined to answer most of the questions, was swiftly removed from the scene. In light of these noted violations, legal representatives have documented these concerns and have requested a reexamination of the cases in question.

Lawyer Shahla Humbatova has provided insights into the ongoing trials of religious individuals facing drug-related charges. Humbatova highlighted a specific case involving a devout member of the Muslim Union Movement who stands accused of drug possession under Article 234.4.3, specifically for allegedly possessing large quantities of drugs with the intent to sell. Humbatova’s Facebook post: The case of a pious member of the Muslim Union Movement, accused of drug possession in progress. The case currently unfolds with just two witnesses, both detectives responsible for apprehending the accused and bringing him into custody. The individual under my legal representation claims that, upon being brought to the police station, he was coerced into carrying drugs through threats and subjected to both physical and psychological pressure. Allegedly, they placed a package containing drugs into his pocket. As the trial progresses, we await the testimony of these operatives involved in the case. Notably, a recent development includes information that one of these policemen himself was apprehended last month under the same Article 234.4.3.”

The Situation in Karabakh and Hama’s attack on Israel

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has officially reported the closure of peacekeepers’ observation posts in three districts of Karabakh. These posts, which were situated along the former contact line in Karabakh, have been phased out. Specifically, Russian peacekeepers have ceased their temporary observation posts in the Askeran, Aghdara, and Shusha regions. There are currently 14 Russian checkpoints in Karabakh after 9 have been closed. In total, there were originally 23 such posts in Karabakh.

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan signed a declaration recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in a meeting with the European Union, namely Germany and France within the European Political Union summit held in Granada, Spain. The text of the declaration was released by the EU Council. “The parties remain committed to all efforts aimed at the normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the basis of mutual recognition of the sovereignty, inviolability of borders and territorial integrity of Armenia (29,800 sq. km) and Azerbaijan (86,600 sq. km),” the declaration said. By signing the document, Pashinyan signed the return of Karki village of Sadarak district of Nakhchivan and 7 villages of Gazakh to Azerbaijan.

Commenting on the situation in Karabakh exiled journalist Afgan Mukhtarli said that although more than two hundred young soldiers were killed and many more were injured during the recent military operation none of them received any military title or recognition. The journalist argued that it is because president Aliyev wanted to take full credit for the victory. Mukhtarli said that the true heroes of Karabakh remain concealed from the public eye, as there is an effort to construct a false heroic image of Aliyev in order to legitimize his claim over the reclaimed territories. Mukhtarli’s Facebook post: “One-day war ended, villages and cities were liberated, Armenians left Karabakh, and some of the Armenians who committed war crimes were arrested. But not a single soldier, an officer, or a machete were awarded. 205 young people were martyred and more than 500 people were injured. Undoubtedly, there are those who show heroism in battles and stand out. The heroes of these battles are hidden from the public. Because they create a false image of a hero. That hero character has an iron fist. He crushes everyone with that fist. Ilham wants only and only himself to be in the foreground. Everyone should talk about him. Only his name should be mentioned with Karabakh. People should be told that Karabakh was liberated by Ilham. Even the world’s most cruel and jealous dictators have not done what he did. This is also necessary because tomorrow when Ilham takes possession of those lands, the mines of natural resources there, and the property left by the Armenians, a bunch of flatterers will say that it is halal and he deserve it all.”

On Saturday morning Hamas made an unexpected attack on Israel killing hundreds of civilians and taking more than hundred people as hostages. While many expressed sympathy to Israel for the human causality caused by the assault of the terrorist group, it also stirred the debates about the future of the region. Member of the APFP Fuad Gahramanli said that “this conflict is not only the Israeli-Palestinian issue, but also the global power rivalry and the fate of the new transportation artery. Gahramanli also argued that the involvement of Iran, acting as a third party in this conflict, shows that Tehran is interested in an ongoing conflict. Member of ReAl party Natig Jafarli on the other hand, argued that this attack could be the beginning of a major global conflict. Jafarli argued that as the current economic situations worsens it won’t be possible “to  erase this debt burden without major wars.” The world’s GDP is only around 100 trillion dollars a year, that is, it is no longer possible to repay the debt, or to reduce it, added Jafarli.

October 10, 2023