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The reaction of the authorities and the public to the mass suicide of veterans is not adequate.”

(Lack of) Human Rights and Liberties

Aziz Mamiyev, an activist of the Musavat party, shared in his Facebook post that he was tortured while in detention. According to Mamiyev,  he was severely tortured after being detained by the police at the rally held in July demanding the opening of the land borders. Mamiyev shared one of the police officers’ photo who had tortured him.  Journalist Gulnara Rahimova, who witnessed the police brutality, shared on social media was summoned to police. Police officer Seymour Imanov sued Mammadova, accusing her of slander and insult.

Azadliq newspaper reports that one of the attendants of a public event, Magsud Aliyev, who asked Ali Karimli about Ilham Aliyev, was administratively detained for 30 days. Maqsud Aliyev attended a seminar at the Caspian PlatForum, where the chairperson of APFP Ali Karimli, gave a lecture. A day after the event, Aliyev was taken to the police, trialed, and sentenced to 30 days imprisonment.

Lawyer Rufat Safarov shared brutal torture that happened at the Chief Organized Crime Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  Safarov wrote: “Aghdash district resident Dadashzade Yegane Elmangizi applied to the Center for Research Against Torture and told about the merciless torture of her son, Dadashzade Sadiq Natig, who was born in 1994. Yegane Dadashzadeh, the person who applied to the center, states that his son Sadiq Dadashzadeh was found guilty by the Agdash District Court on April 5, 2022, under Article 234.1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and was sentenced to 1.6 years of imprisonment and to serve his sentence he was sent to the prison number 14. On August 1, 2022, Sadiq Dadashzade was sent from Penitentiary No. 14, where he was serving a sentence, to the Agdash District Police Department in connection with some criminal case, and accompanied by the deputy chief of the Police Department named Ilkin and an employee named Elshad. According to Yegane Dadashzade, Sadiq Dadashzade was subjected to electric current and other unimaginable tortures from 11:00 to 19:00 on the day he was brought to the Main Organized Crime Department, on August 2, 2022. As a result of the torture, Sadiq Dadashzade’s fingernails and toenails were ripped, and his ribs were broken. He had internal bleeding and is now in critical condition. Yegane Dadashzade emphasizes in his appeal that the purpose of torturing his son Sadiq Dadashzade was to accuse him of some crimes that his son did not know about. But when his son refused, he was subjected to unimaginable torture.”

Economy and Rising Cost of Living

Tabriz Abdullayev, a Karabakh veteran, set himself on fire in front of the office of Samukh executive power. According to reports, the veteran is in critical condition. Another veteran, Samir Samadzade, a resident of Turacli village of Gakh region, attempted suicide by taking a drug overdose. The veteran’s mother said that his son tried to commit suicide because he could not support his family. In a video shared on social media by the Azadliq newspaper a Karabakh, the veteran was seen damaging an ATM in front of a bank.  The veteran first injured himself and then tried to break the ATM in front of the Kapital Bank branch in Ganja. According to the bystanders, the veteran attacked the machine in protest against Bank’s decision to deduce from his pension due to credit debts. He was detained by the police.

Commenting on the veteran suicides, the chairperson of APFP Ali Karimli said that “the reaction of the authorities and the public to the mass suicide of veterans is not adequate at all.” Karimli’s social media post reads: “The reason for the indifference by the authorities is more or less clear. Although the government is a master at appropriating the labor and military victory of our veterans, planting and cultivating the land they liberated, it does not want to take care of the veterans at all. I am interested in why the public is so indifferent to the suicide of our veterans. Our heroic veterans, who brought military victory to our nation and returned our national pride to us, commit suicide one after another, and we not only do not demand full responsibility from the authorities for all this, we do not even ensure that the tragedy they experienced is the main agenda of social platforms. Those brave men did not deserve such indifference.”

On the fifth day of forest fires in five regions of Azerbaijan, more than 1,000 hectares of forest land and houses are believed to have burned. In more than ten villages, cattle and crop fields were destroyed, and residents were evacuated. According to journalist Habib Muntezir, the gas supply has been disrupted in villages, and thousands of houses have been left without gas. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, more than 1,000 personnel and 120 pieces of equipment have been deployed, and the fire has been contained in some places, but it is still going on.

Commenting on the wildfires, the chairman of the REAL party Ilgar Mammadov told Meydan TV that forest fires are of great benefit to nature.  Mamamdov said: “Measures are important when forest fires become harmful to people and nature. But the great benefit of fires to nature is also known to science. Fires breathe new life into ecosystems. There are species that will die out if regular fires don’t refresh the ecosystem. If you protect the forest from fire for a long time, sooner or later it will burn again, but when it burns, the damage will outweigh the good.”

Meydan TV reports that in Azerbaijan, the prices of bread have increased by 5 kopecks and the price of flour by 5 manats. Prices are currently as follows: the price of a 50 kg bag of flour in Baku is 40.70 manats; retail price of 500 g of traditional (round) bread is 55 kopecks; retail price of 600 g bread is 65 kopecks, and the retail price of 650 g bread is 70 kopecks. At the beginning of this month, bread prices rose by 38% compared to a year ago. Meanwhile, according to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the price of wheat in the world market fell by 8%.

According to journalist Habib Muntezir the soldier Mirzoev Elmar died from a gunshot wound. The Ministry of Defence said that the reason for the incident is unknown, and an investigation is underway. Moreover, the Ministry of Defence reported yesterday that soldier Mirkamal Vugar Oghlu Jabbarov died of illness while being treated in a military hospital.


August 23, 2022