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The corruption in the Azerbaijani government is like leprosy that infects and destroys anyone who touches it…”

(Lack of) Human Rights and Liberties

Exiled journalist Ganimat Zahid reports that “since the enactment of the new law on the media, the State Prosecutor’s Office has become the General Administrative Censorship Office”. According to the journalist, every day, there is such news about someone being “taken to the police department”, “called by the police”, “released,” or “fined”. Zahid argued that the reason behind spreading such news is to create mass panic, to explain the importance of fear, and to accustom society to the constant “doctrine of dictatorship.”

According to the member of NCDF, Tofig Yagublu, the apartment of Ulvi Hasanli was robbed. Yagublu wrote: As soon as Hasanli learned about it, he immediately called the 102 service and waited for the police to come. However, after a long wait, no one came, and the police on the phone told him to be patient and wait. The next time they called, they told him to go to the police station. He began to complain about the indifference of the police department, seeing that there was no reaction to his complaint. Immediately after his complaint about the ineffective and unprofessional behavior of the police, Hasanli was detained. He had to spend the night at the police station, where due to his illness, his condition worsened. Although at the police station they called an ambulance for Hasanli, they didn’t release him. He was released only the next day. Probably, during this time, the robbers managed to lose traces, with the help of the police.”

Activist Nigar Hezi reports that although more than a month passed, those who tortured Tofig Yagublu and created conditions for this act of vandalism have not yet been brought to justice. Hezi said that “the fact that the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Vilayat Eyvazov defended his employees once again shows that the chief and employees of the 39th police station have committed a crime and are shamelessly trying to cover it up.”

Governance, corruption, transparency

Former Prosecutor General former Ambassador Eldar Hasanov has been sentenced to ten years in prison. According to the verdict of the Baku Court on Grave Crimes on January 21, Eldar Hasanov was found guilty of embezzling large sums of money and abusing his official powers during the purchase of embassy buildings in the countries where he was ambassador.

The US congressman’s house and the office were raided as part of the investigation into the connection with the Azerbaijani government. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has launched a search of the home and office of US Congressman, Texas Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar. Although the FBI confirmed the search, it did not comment further as the investigation is going on. Congressman Henry Cuellar was co-chair of the Azerbaijan Group in the US Congress, visited Azerbaijan several times, and made speeches in the United States that served the interests of Azerbaijan.

Chairman of ADW Party Gubad Ibadoghlu argued that the investigation could lead to sanctions against Azerbaijan in the long run. Ibadoghlu wrote: The most interesting aspect of this issue is why the events of 2013 are now on the agenda again, especially at a time when the conflict between the West and Russia is escalating. Undoubtedly, the fact that Azerbaijan sided with Russia, did not join the Crimean Platform, and was not invited to the summit on democracy plays a role in this issue. Note that 57.5 percent or $ 25.88 billion of the $ 45 billion assets of the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan are in the West (29.3 percent or $ 13.19 billion in the United States, 28.2 percent or $ 12.69 billion. dollars in Europe). Can the current FBI investigation lead to sanctions against the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan and SOCAR? This question will probably be answered soon as a result of investigations in the United States.”

Member of NCDF, Gultakin Hajibeyli, reacted to the ongoing investigation saying that “corruption in the Azerbaijani government is like leprosy that infects and destroys anyone who touches it.”  Hajibeyli added that “the world must find a cure for this disease immediately”.

Post-War Situation.

A high-rise residential building with a population of more than 150 residents is about to be demolished due to the construction of the Patriotic War Memorial Complex and the Victory Museum. Residents of the building at the intersection of Yusif Safarov and Afiyaddin Jalilov streets do not agree with the proposed amount of 2,200 manats per square meter, arguing that the proposed amount will not be sufficient to afford a new apartment in Baku.

The Baku Military Prosecutor’s Office has launched a criminal case under Article 125 (incitement to suicide) of the Criminal Code. Rzaguliyev Ramil Khagani oghlu, born in 1999, a soldier of the State Border Service, who was taken to a military hospital for treatment, committed suicide by throwing himself from the building of the hospital. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Rzaguliyev was drafted into the army in October last year and was examined for psychological problems in the military hospital, where he committed suicide by jumping off the building.

Economy and Social Issues

The chairman of APFP Ali Karimli, criticized the government for its failure to provide economic relief despite rising oil prices. Karimli wrote: Why don’t our people feel the increase in oil prices in their pockets and on their table? Azerbaijani oil is sold at $ 92 per barrel. That is about two times more expensive than budgeted. The price of Azerbaijani oil has increased almost six times since April 2020 ($ 15.81 per barrel). Can you imagine that our oil is sold six times more expensive than a year and a half ago?! But why don’t these extra billions earned by the country improve the well-being of the country’s citizens? Our oil has risen in price six times in a year and a half, but the government has also raised the price of everything during this period. The government has raised the prices of gasoline, diesel fuel, gas, water, electricity, and services. The costs of flour, bread, flour products, beef, chicken, poultry products, all kinds of imported products, and everything produced by monopolistic family companies and services have been increased. The state has also increased fees, taxes, and duties. At the same time, billions are stolen and transferred into offshore accounts and spent for buying properties in London. When we say that the oil does not belong to this nation, they don’t like it. Ilham Aliyev should explain to the people, if oil indeed belongs to this nation, how come the price of our main export product has risen six times in the last six months, but this nation has also been constantly impoverished during this time?”


January 25, 2022