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The top topic today, which dominates FB is the planned unsanctioned meeting of today at 15.00 at the  28th May metro station. Even before the meeting, since yesterday, media  and bloggers report numerous detentions and arrests of the activists, political leaders, journalists. Among arrested are the newly released political prisoners, such as Tofig Yagublu, Fuad Qahramanli, Seymur Hezi, both parents of the “ graffiti prisoner” Gias Ibrahimov are held in police department. Activists are detained all over the country.  The metro trains are not stopping at  three stations, The access to the metro station is blocked from all sides, the buses from all over the country’s regions (Yevlakh, Balaken, Khachmas etc.) with the participants are also blocked, as well as cars not allowed to Baku. The armoured vehicles, water cannons, numerous riot police force filled the area around the metro station. Potential participants of the actions make numerous calls to the life media (Tural Sadigli, Azad soz) from various regions, complaining that all roads are blocked.  Besides, many people from regions could not join the action because could not afford the bus tickets. Most of the journalists are detained, so the reports are coming from the ordinary people. The witnesses speak about beatings, detaining small children, putting them in the bus. Some commented, that the meeting could have been better organized. The participants express their dissatisfaction with the unjust and unfair regime. The video showed that police applied brutal force while dragging her to the bus to the woman, who was interviewed in the street. There are people, who managed to get to the square and the slogans “Resignation” is heard. The FB users report on arrest of Ali Kerimli, the chair of the Popular Front Party, who made an attempt to join the meeting. The fake messages “on behalf of Ali Kerimli” that the meeting is cancelled are widely spread.  Tural Sadigli reports that detained people are brought to the place outside of Baku , which is called The sand island. The journalist and blogger Cingiz Sultansoy comments, that this overreaction of the government to the ordinary peaceful action proves how important are these actions. He counteracts the opponents of the mass actions, who say that the organizers of the public rallies are driven by self-interests.The police does not allow journalists to take the videos, or to report, saying that they discredit “Azerbaijan’s international image”.The life report by Azad Soz is watched  by 10,000 FB users.

October 19, 2019