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FB users discuss and share situation with banks, prices and currency, oil price, arrest and torture of Fuad Ismayilov, the obstacles by Baku for the return home of the Azerbaijani students studying abroad, the corruption in the response to the coronavirus situation, the measures suggested by various opposition forces to deter the spread of the virus in the country.

Ali Kerimli of the PFP attracts attention that while in the whole world the decline of the oil price lead to the decline of the price on gasoline, in Azerbaijan it does not take place. “ Why are not they doing it? Or may be they are afraid, that then the SOCAR income will decrease, and the son of SOCAR’s president Rovnag Abdullayev will not be able to but multimillion wise watches, or SOCAR’s vice president would be able to own hundreds of apartments in Baku, and the deputy head of the SOCAR’s department will not be able to buy 16 apartments in Turkey? Or they are afraid that SOCAR will be deprived of 500 mln wise construction of resort on Adriatic sea in Montenegro, buying Khazar TV and other adventurist projects?” He concludes by calling people to demand a decrease of prices for gasoline in the country according to the world trend.

Activists and journalist continue to discuss the detention of the activist Fuad Ismayilov, who protested falsified elections and was planted drugs. Nurlan Libre reports that he has been on hunger strike for 7 days and that he was subjected tortures.

Gubad Ibadoglu  warns about possible increase of prices of the products’ deficit in the shops and suggests a number of measures to prevent the critical situation.

He also urges the government to give support to the citizens who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus infection. He supports the new regime in the country declared in connection with the virus. And suggests to cancel all mass events and celebrations such as weddings or other in the cafes and restaurants, to limit their work until 21.00. He also stresses, that while in other countries, the state is compensating losses of small businessmen, in Azerbaijan the Cabinet of Ministers- does not. He notes how thousands people will be affected by these limitations on social events. That’s why he urges the government to introduce as soon as possible the program of support to all citizens- small businessmen, employees etc,- affected by the special regime in the country. At the same time those who benefitted from this regime- big supermarkets, drugstres etc. should start wide charity activities.

Yadigar Sadyghli comments on the crowded queues for the pensions in his town. “ When they give pensions in Lenkoran, everyone forgets about the coronavirus”

Ali Kerimli describes the case of the PFP activist journalist Tezekhan Miralimli, which was opened in accordance with the 22.1 article of the criminal code- hooliganism. The excuse was that the journalist slightly pushed away notorious Ata Abdullayev, who was sent to the participants of the commemoration march devoted to the victims of Khojali on the 26th February this year, when he created obstacles for the video recording of the march by the journalist.  He considers that this a direct disregard and disrespect of the Azerbaijani people and called the society to stand up  for Tezekhan’s defence.

Ilkin Rustamzade reports about quarantine situation. “Yesterday the arriving foreigners were put forcibly into buses and taken to Jalilabad region, today- to Masalli, including 3 German citizens. Previously the government was arranging the tour in the regions for the opposition, while now- for those returning to the country and the guests. Long live such a government. And tell the Germans to put as much cornelian preserve as possible into their teas!”

Altay Geyushov tells the story jokingly, that  a German who was in quarantine in Masalli region discovered that there was no tap water running. The nurse apparently answered, that if “ you, Germans did not lose the war, and were here, then there would be a tap water running”

Orduxan Babirov informs, that according to the reliable sources, those of arriving to Azerbaijan who do not want to be on quarantine, can be released by paying a bribe between 50-100 manats… Of course, corona is less important than money…”

People discuss another disaster – crossing the borders of the country 400 bln grasshoppers

Tofiq Yagublu writes, that coronavirus legitimised Ilham Aliyev and he is very happy now. As he now has a legal basis to reject the appeal to have a rally.  Even in the law it says that during mass epidemies rallies are not allowed. But he considers it a logical deadlock. If he responds that I cannot allow you a rally in the city because of coronavirus, this  means, that otherwise he would allow, which is unacceptable for him. So most probably he will respond : “ Go to Lokbatan ( distant village- L.A.) but you cannot have it there either because of the coronavirus.”

He also demands from Aliyev, who is boasting by the amount of money he has , to provide each citizen with free and high quality protection medical masks, as nobody should gout without it.

Rabiyya Mammadova shares the UN statistics, that 3 bln people in the world do not have  a place to wash their hands.

Natig Jafarli of REAL comments, that he understands everything except for  people buying big quantities of toilet paper.  He also stresses that this is the result of the miscommunication of the government and people. The freight is coming from Georgia, and nobody says whether Georgia closed not only the borders for the people or for the freight too. Panics is most of all is created by the situation of uncertainty.

Seymur Hezi recalls the conditions in prison ( he is a former political prisoner) 17 colony for 250-300 people there were 800 square meters. “Imagine there is a virus there- that will be a tragedy, which nobody will be able to prevent.”

Tofig Yagublu analyses the measures undertaken by the government to ght spread of coronavirus and he supports closure of the bar, restaurants after 21.00 and prohibition any mass celebrations. However he attracts an attention to the next very important step, which the government should do – to easen the conditions in the prisons and places of detention. He brings the statistics, which shows that Azerbaijan occupies one of the highest places in Europe in the ratop of prisoners per  100 thousand of populations  (with 329 prisoners on the 5 or 6 th place) They say, that the number has decreased compared by the Soviet Union when it was 390 prisoners, but one should take into account that because of the alternative ways of punishment only 38% of them were in prisons, while now they are almost 60%. This explains why there is such a density of prisons. He suggests that urgently those, who are left within 6 months for the terms expiry, half of the terms served women, old people, underage  or people who are suffer certian illnesses should be immediately released. He calls it an urgent humanist measure in struggle with coronavirus.

People are discussing the situation in Russia which is called set to zero of Putin’s presidential term. Yadigar Sadyghli  reports about MP from Yabloko party Darya Besedina, who wore a T_short with the insulting hint on Putin. But because it is only hint it put them in the confusing situation – so Duma is now thinking whether to give her an administrative punishment or not. She also suggested some other ( sarcastic) amendments to the Constitution – call Putin the Apostle of the national unity, the directing light of the Sun, Shining star, and God. After that proposal Besedina was deprived of the right of speech in Duma.

Gubad Ibadoglu calls his followers to not be indifferent to the fate of Azerbaijani students who are stuck abroad due to coronavirus situation. He reports that yesterday the flight Budapest – Baku , who also had Azerbaijani students on board, was cancelled due to the intervention of the Azerbaijan authorities. The students were left – some forcing to spend the night in the airport. Apparently, the decision was made on the basis not to create an additional burden on the national Ministry of Health, and not to accept the student back to the country. By the rejection by the state of their citizens. Ibadoglu proposes to create all conditions for the students  so they could make a choice and treat it with respect. He also mentions that there are 221,5 mln manat in the budget planned for the big international events, but due to epidemy will be left unused, so he proposes to re-direct part of this money to support the rent payment of the students abroad.

Altay Geyushov describes the situation: “ One of my friends has written to me, that yesterday Wizz air flight Budapest-Baku was cancelled 5 hours before departure by the instruction of the Azerbaijani side. 99% on this flight  were citizens of Azerbaijan-students returning home, including from the other European countries. So all of them were left in the streets of Budapest.  All states around the world create conditions for their citizens’ safe return home, except for feudalism in Azerbaijan create obstacles for their citizens  to do the same, but why? Because the current Azerbaijani state has nothing to do with the Azerbaijanis, and it does not reflect their will. This is like foreign


Ali Inglabci reports that yesterday he was at some gathering where he talked to three policemen, all three of them were going to France, when he asked the reason, the answer was – we do not want to live in such unjust country. The country- he concludes- is being emptied”

People discuss the arrest of the prominent businessman who is living in Turkey and has supported education of dozens of Azerbajani students abroad, called the tanker after the founder of ADR (1918) M.E. Rasulzade etc. Mubariz Masimov.

Ali Inglbaci comments that although he does not approve all the actions by M. Masimov, he demands Erdogan and Aliyev  to immediately release him. Leave the businessman who was helping the nation alone.

Gozel Bayramli of PFP posts the photos of the house, where the Karabagh veteran and PFP activist   Babek Hasanov  with his family has been renting  a flat.  He was arrested once when his children were small, because of his opposition activities. But then he was arrested again in 2018 and his son was expelled from his school in Nakhichevan – and he is still in prison, while his family still rents a small flat. This is just an example of how the authorities treat not only the most honored citizens of the country, but also the Karabagh  war veterans.

Tofig Yagiblu attracts attention to the situation with the tens of thousands of the Azerbaijani citizens of Georgia work currently in Azerbaijan, but according to the rules they have to leave and then retirn after each 90 days. Due to coronavirus situation many of them left but were not allowed back to the country.

 Natig Jafarli of REAL reports about the proposals of REAL party which they developed in connection with coronavirus for the government and that Erkin Gadirli who is MP from REAL will present these proposals today.

Seymur Hezi of PFP lists main indicators of the  crisis  situation in the country:

  1. The President is pro-Russian
  2. The Speaker of the Parliament belongs to the circle of Primakov
  3. Prime Minister is under the influence of Israel.
  4. Is there anyone on the side of Azerbaijani people?

He also comments that the President’s chances decreased because before people were afraid to support the courageous ones, while now are ashamed of siding with the cowards.

Ilkin Ristamzade  speaks about “black market” prices in prisons. Such as , the cigarettes, the usual price of which is 2 manats are sold for 5 manats. All prices due to coronavirus are raised, especially now, because the meeting with family and relatives are prohibited, so administration is simply robbing the prisoners and their families.

Economic experts discuss the issues related to the decline of the world price of oil, and Russia-US competition.

Many FB users share and update situation related to the government responses to the coronavirus epidemy. Khadija Ismayil demonstrates the role of corruption affecting this situation. She reports that the person whose death was reported yesterday was not in quarantine. Because of many requests from the government she was brought directly from Iran to the hospital. They also threatened to sakc the doctor who suspected that she was infected by the virus. She was subscribed to quarantine only after the tests were positive. At least one doctor, whom she was in contact with also was tested positive. That’s how corruption kills. She continues, that the relatives got scared and did not bury her, although the body was in hermetic package and ether was no any threat to be infected., so the employees who brought her body buried it. This is what the ignorance does to people. …”



March 17, 2020