Leila Alieva delivered a lecture at Free Thought University – VIDEO

phoca_thumb_l_04On 5 November, the President of the Center for National and International Studies, Leila Aliyeva delivered a lecture at Free Thought University about Azerbaijan and European integration.  (Photo from Azadfikir.org)

Leila Alieva started her lecture with concept of “integration into Europe” and talked about various interpretations put behind these words. The lecture brought some light into various stereotypes and conflicting points as well as touched upon problems, obstacles and challenges Azerbaijan faces while tries to integrate into Europe.

Why Azerbaijan should integrate into Europe? Integration into Europe – what will it bring to us? When and how can Azerbaijan integrate into Europe? Does Europe wants our integration? Leila Alieva helped to answer these and similar questions during her lecture.

Also during the lecture, another interesting point surfaced – does Azerbaijan have any alternatives to eurointegration? Students analyzed these alternatives and compared them to eurointegration in the balances of logic.

At the end of the lecture, Leila Alieva gave distriputed signed copies of her recent book about Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

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November 9, 2009