CNIS participated at the conference on “Regional stability, borders, minorities and migrations” in Finland

From 16th of December, 2010  through 19th of December, 2010 within the framework of the network research on “Regional stability, borders, minorities and migrations”, Mr. Ilgar Hasanli, the Program Director of CNIS, made a trip to the conference  at the East Finland University in Joensuu, Finland. The main goal of the seminar in Joensuu was presentations of SOAP (“State of Art Paper”) on the research topic in their respective countries. The researchers from Azerbaijan, Moldova and Ukraine have participated at the seminar.

Speaking about the history of the borders, Mr Hasanli stated that the formation of the borders of Post Soviet Azerbaijan was taking place on the basis of the borders which existed in the Soviet Union. Although Azerbaijan had the borders with the Soviet republics, these borders were of provisional nature, without any entry-resistant engineering constructions. Colonial policy of re-settlements of Tsarist Russia and Stalin’s policy of deportation were important factors in post-soviet conflicts over borders.

The results of the research will be published in the final policy paper on “Regional stability, borders, minorities and migrations”.

January 17, 2011