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The FB widely reports and covers the ongoing parliamentary election day.

Local observers, journalists, representatives of the candidates report from their precincts about numerous violations during the course of voting.

Journalist Efgan Sadikhli posts a status under the title: “ Unique falsification, crime and fraud at the elections! They report, that bosses at the workplaces tell their employees to go voting, to vote for a specific candidate, and take a photo of the bulletin as a proof., if not – they will be sacked.”

Yadigar Sadyghli, the candidate from the Lenkoran district, reports from the 4th precinct that the chair of the commission keeps used bulletins in his room in violation of the law.

Journalist Shamshad Aga posts video with the chair of the commission 1 polling station of the 23d precinct applying force to the journlist, who is taking video of voting violations.

The video is shared reflecting how at the 11 polling station of the 63 precinct of Sabirabad the teachers participating in “ carousel” refuse to leave the station.

The candidate Togrul Veliyev reports that the violations are continuously observed  at the  23 Nasimi -Sabayil precinct- either police enters the polling station, or the “ observers” create obstacles to his observers to fulfill their function. “ The candidate, -comments Veliyev,- is forced to tour the polling stations on an e-day”. He appeals to the media to pay attention to these districts, because the observers return the “ carousels” back, but at some polling stations they are weak.

Shakir Zade posts the photo showing that the installed cameras are covered at the 11 polling station of the 2nd precinct of the 34 Khatayi election district.

 Many FB users post photos and videos of the “ critical situation” at the 76 Lenkoran Astara district, where observers are being physically attacked, or even dragged by hair ( observer Jale Bayramov at the 16 polling station) by the pro-government representatives. Argument.az reports that the chair of the commission of the 30th polling station has beaten up Kamran Mammadov , the representative of Khalid Bagirov, who is running against pro-government candidate Ziyafet Askerov. The news site informs, that all administrative resources are used in favour of Ziyafet Askerov – both executive power and election commission of the district. In the eve of elections, Khalid Bagirov made a passionate video appeal  to his constituency actively participate in voting and observation mission, and for the media- to pay special attention to this district. The case of violence at this district is reported by Sanay Yagmur, Shashad Aga and others.

The candidate Turgut Gambar  posts a photo and reports about numerous “carousel” cases in his electoral 22nd district-  at the 13, 23, 24 and 25 polling stations.

Yadigar Sadyghli posts on his timeline, that the camera observers at the 73/13 election district report that nobody checks the ink on the voter’s fingers.

Acig Azerbaijan posts  video from the 31 Surakhani precinct 2, polling station 3  where the candidate Mehman Huseynov is protesting the violation of the election law. He confronts few members of the local electoral commission, demanding compliance with law, and also respectful treatment of him as a candidate.

Youth activist, former political prisoner, Giyas Ibrahimov reports on his timeline, that the at the polling station 3 of his precinct , director of the school 46 Sevinj Budagova and her deputy Fatma are calling police to detain him and the observers.

Osmangizi TV shows how the obstacles are created to the candidate Ulvi Hasanli’s special representative Ilkin Rustamzade to make a video recording at the Binagadi precinct 9, at the polling station 7. The “observer” says that he does not want to be recorded, and tries to prevent Rustamzade from recording.

Fb users share the Agence France Press article, which quotes major opposition figures Ali Kermili of Popular Front Party and Isa Gambar of Musavat, who called these elections a sham.

The information and photo by Qaynarinfo  is a subject of numerous shares , as it shows the voter during its ballot stuffing in favour of Aydin Mirzazade ( YAP candidate) at the candidate Ziya Guiliyev posts video of the “ carousel” participants in his Hovsan electoral district.

Ismayil Jalilov writes on his timeline, summarizing the observations of the course of elections, utilizing colloquial national expressions, which can be translated like : “They are not going to change. They simply say to people: f..k you!”

Meydan TV presents video showing numerous violations at the 76 Lankaran -Astara precinct , 14 polling station in the village Shikhakeran. People enter the voting booths by two, some are filling ballots outside of the booths, and when informed, that it is being recorder on Meydan TV, the chair of the commission says: “ Do broadcast me, I am not afraid and do not care!”.

Yeniavaz site shows the photo and video of the woman, who changes her clothes and votes repeatedly at the 32 precinct.

Voters are brought to the polling stations 10 and 12 of the 57 Kurdamir precinct in the ambulance cars.

Camal Seyidli posts video of the military going to the polling station. He overhears how one of them says to the other one: “Lets vote in the other station too!”  He comments: “ YAP government attracted military for its falsified elections, I despise the government for total absence of dignity and shame”

The activist Aynur Elgunesh warns: “ This is a precise information. The “ carousel” participants are told not to go from one polling station to another, but upon voting at one, go home, and onnly after that go to another station. Observers, please, be attentive, it is  getting closer to the evening…”

Khadija Ismayil reports about two members of the international observation mission, who praised the course of elections: Vera Prochazkova of Czech parliament and Uli  Henkel of the German Parliament. The former represents Karlovi Vari, which has significant investments of Azerbaijan oligarchs, while the latter is ardent promoter of the lifting sanctions from Russia, and according to the comments is a businessman.

Gubad Ibadoglu shares an information about his daughter- a lawyer and human rights defender  and civil activist Jale Bayramova. who was removed by force from the 76 Lenkoran precinct In Shuruk village polling station 16, while fulfilling her function as an observer.  He filed a complaint to a few official instances and is waiting for the response. In spite of pressure, Jale ia back to the polling station and continues to observe voting.

Gullu Jangirova, activist in exile writes on her timeline: “ Here is my prediction. Not a single trustworthy opposition candidate will become an MP, the authorities will not allow it to happen. Neither Azer Gasimli, Ulvi Hesenli, Vefa Nagi,  or any other. Otherwise, this will restore trust of population in election. This is not beneficial to the authorities, because they purposefully lead the country to the bloodshed… This is very regretful.”

Mustafa Hajibeyli of Musavat posted the photo of the bulletins, which were taken from the voters involved in ballot stuffing.


Февраль 10, 2020

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