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FB users continue to discuss the reaction of the authorities to the assault on Jale Bayramova at the polling station, the course of recovery of the human rights defender Ogtay Gulaliyev, the commemoration of the events in Khojali town in Karabagh in 1992, the public rally organized by the government in Berlin on this occasion, the death of the opposition politician Isgandar Hamidov.

Hikmet Hajizade compares case of Jale Bayramova, against whom police opened the case instead of doing it against the offender, who attacked her at the polling station with the case of his son Adnan. His son few years ago was also assaulted in the cafe and when he went to file complaint – the police opened the case against himself and he was sentenced to a few years in prison.The journalist Ruzgar Movsum commenting on case of Jale Bayarmova writes, that this is “ pornography, not a country”.. Yadigar Sadyghli  quotes the chair of CEC Mazahir Panahov, who calls the case of Jale Bayramova disinformation and denies the fact of assaulting her at the polling station by another woman. He also informs, that his complaint was supposed to be reviewed at the constituency electoral commission, but he could not be there due to his visit to Baku. But when the next day he came to the commission for the resolution, there was nobody there. Seymur Hezi warns his followers that the case of Jale Bayramova is not accidental. Opening the criminal case against the victim of   attack at the polling station who complaint to the police, means that this a measure against anyone who tries to discredit falsification of elections. He considers that they should all unite and resist this attempt, because otherwise they would apply it to journalists and others. Through fear self censorship will develop and it will damage ultimately the freedom of media. Fuad Hasanov, a civil activist, comments on  the statement by the chair of CEC Mazahir Panahov referring to the respective articles of the Election Code, contrary to what he asserted, that a video recording is legal, and that opening of the criminal case against the victim of the  events at 76 constituency 16 precinct is a direct proof of the political nature of the prosecution.

Taleh Khasmammaov comments on the protest in the village of Zardab region, where in response to the arrest of 4 protesters against the capture of the local lands all the village dwellers went to the police station to protest. In such cases, when the population peacefully expresses its needs the governemnt should be very discrete and respond to this expression also peacefully, as the politics of violence is not a politics, it is a treason.

The journalist Hezi Bey reports that the Ministry of Education responds to the inquiries of the journalists about the arrest of the head of the regional branch of the Ministry by the State Security Service, that they do not have an information about it yet. “ And this is two days after the event, — he comments- Do not you have two pennies to call and  ask what’s happening to your employee in the region? Apparently for two days  they thought he was still working at his place”

The candidate Samed Rahimli announced the meeting of the election commission to review his complaint. His claim is that at the constituency 34/2 Khatayi the cancellation of the voting results should concern not only 7 precincts but at least 16.

The candidate Rabiyya Mammadova writes the story with her broken arm during the violent dispersal of the  11 February protest vigil. She went to make a x-ray to the Semashko clinic, which confirmed that her arm was broken in  two places, but the sheet with the x-ray was taken away by the police in civilian clothes  just behind her, who  pushed her out to the street and shut the door of the clinic. She filed a complaint about it to the prosecutor’s  office and  it appointed a medical expertise. They came just to take a picture of my arm, and said will send the results from the clinic. “ What kind of exeprtise was that? I had a feeling I had a ¾ photo taken”, she concludes.

Orduxan Babirov comments, that he is sure that there a lot of decent, pure and pricnipcled teachers in the country, but why do not they come out to protest those, who are carrying fake protocols under their clothes?

Ali Kerimli of the Popular Front reports about gradual improvement of the health of Ogtay Gulaliyev, who was hit by the car, referring to his wife Firuze xanim.

He also reports about the course of consideration of his complaint about the tortures of him at the 19th October protest rallies.  He filed the complaint on the October, 24 to consider the case of tortures and to punish the responsible, but there was no official reply for two months. So he filed an inquiry on December, 27,  2019 to the head prosecutor’s office. On the 13 February 2020 he received a letter signed on 22 January by the head of the investigation department of the prosecutor’s office Rashad Mansurov that the letter with the decision of 5 Decemebr 2019 denying his request to open the criminal case was sent to him. Ali Kerimli asserts, that it is a lie, as he never received any letter, neither the prosecutors office submitted any copies of that decision, or the proofs that the letter was sent to him at certain date. Ali Karimli concludes, that the prosecutor’s office tried to cover the fact of the tortures, by hiding the decision about denial of opening the criminal case about it, so he would not file a complaint.  “ Our cause id difficult,- he concludes,-as Aliyev managed to transform the prosecutor’s office, whose main function is to assure the rule  of law into one of the tools of tortures and repressions. But there is a way out and it goes through all our people joining the peaceful and Constitutional struggle!”

Ilkin Rustamzade  appeals to the State Security Service, that it should “ cancel”( detain)  not the heads of the executive powers, but Mazahir Panahov, the head of the CEC.

The journalist Nurlan Libre reports, that the animal protection rights group Toplam is holding a rally in the old city to protest shooting the street dogs. “Foundation of Heydar Aliyev has misappropriated billions for the animal protestion and now is simply killing all stray dogs”, says one of the protesters.

Seymir Hezi called his post on the timeline: “ The triumph of lies!”

And further explains, that compared to the current budget in dollars the 2013 budget was 8,6 bln dollars greater. “How come that the president while touring the regions praises the increasing prosperity of the citizens, if the income of the households is decreasing? “

The activist Ulvi Hasanli attracts FB users’ attention to the absence in FB of the prominent journalist Shahveled Chobanoglu. He recalls that Chobanoglu mentioned the problems with his health, but he could not travel for treatment abroad due to the travel ban, which was imposed by the government. He also mentions in the end, that currently one of the distressing traits of the society is that they do not value and care about the person when he/she is alive, but speak so desperate when they lose them, as if they sacrificed themselves for that person.

People share and commemorate the Khojali events— massacre of the whole village by the Armenian-Russian occupying forces. They also discuss controversies related to the coverage of that event. They condemn that those responsible are not punished yet. They report indignantly that the government, fearing of mass protests, created obstacle for the opposition to commemorate the victims of Khojali massacre.

Altay Geyushov speaks about controversy of the public rally in Berlin devoted to the Khojali massacre. On the one hand, he understands the sincerity of people, who went there, but on the other hand- going to the rally organized by the government, which has been applying tortures, killing all freedoms, stealing all resources from people, mean also turning into the political tool of it. He also posts and comments on the photo of the Vasif Talybov’s son.

Февраль 27, 2020

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