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“Charges against Dr. Ibadoghlu are spurious, and his detention is meant to silence activities the regime believes threatens its kleptocratic holdings and to send a chilling message to Azerbaijan’s already fragile civil society and independent media…”

(Lack of ) Human Rights and Freedoms

Jailed political figure and scholar Gubad Ibadoglu‘s brother Galib Toghrul shared concerning developments regarding his health. According to Toghrul, Ibadoghlu’s health has reached a new, more dangerous stage. Toghrul’s post reads: “In addition to my brother’s heart condition being life-threatening, the severe diabetes already started to destroy his internal organs. In the last examination, negative changes were observed in Gubad Ibadoglu‘s kidneys, nodules emerged in his thyroid gland and the worsening of the sight in his left eye has progressed further. Due to the continued psychological pressure by the prison staff and the investigation team, my brother’s nervous system has been severely disturbed. My brother has symptoms of chronic fatigue and headaches that do not cease and whose cause is not yet determined. These observations are the ones that the doctors of the Penitentiary Service admit. However, the full extent of the condition is more critical. Since blood is collected for analysis by medical staff in a cell without following any sanitary rules, there is a danger of blood contamination. In accordance with the legal requirements, we have started the process of getting a group of independent experts from the International Committee of Red Cross perform an examination and monitoring of Gubad Ibadoghlu’s health and detention conditions. Every day, not every hour, every minute that my brother is kept in the Kurdakhani Detention Center brings him closer to his death!”

The World Movement for Democracy joins the growing international call for the immediate release of Dr. Ibadoghlu. According to their statement, the charges against Dr. Ibadoghlu are spurious and his detention is meant to silence activities the regime believes threatens its kleptocratic holdings and to send a chilling message to Azerbaijan’s already fragile civil society and independent media.

Azerbaijani scholar Fazil Gasimov has been apprehended in Turkey and subsequently extradited to Azerbaijan in relation to the Gubad Ibadoglu case. The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) Press Service relayed this information to Meydan TV. The ministry elaborated that Fazil Gasimov, a subject of interest in the criminal investigation, was detained by Ministry of Internal Affairs personnel and subsequently transferred for further inquiry. Residing in Istanbul, Fazil Gasimov pursued his academic pursuits at Özyeğin University in Turkey and Tilburg University in the Netherlands, specializing in International Business Management. He continued his scholarly activities at Istanbul University, attaining a doctoral degree in philosophy focusing on law and economics. Many activists view Gasimov’s arrest as yet another instance of political detainment aimed at suppressing voices of dissent.

Commenting on Gasimov’s arrest, exiled journalist Afgan Muktarli said that, Turkey has violated international law by arresting him without any court decision. Mukhtarli: Turkey once again violated the national and international laws to which it has joined, and arrested the young sccholar Fazil Gasimov and handed him over to Azerbaijan. Gasimov was arrested at his home, first taken to a deportation camp, and then handed over to the Azerbaijani embassy. There was no trial, no charges were brought against him. He was not given the opportunity to defend himself, and he was not provided with a lawyer. Erdogan pays back debts during his election to Aliyev. In Azerbaijan, everyone who speaks and protests is arrested.”

Elvin Mustafayev, a member of the union for protecting the rights of couriers, has been arrested on August 4 on charges related to drugs. He stands accused under Article 234.4.3 of the Criminal Code, which pertains to the acquisition, transportation, and storage of significant quantities of drugs with the intent to sell. To ensure his custody during the initial investigative phase, the court has already ruled for a 4-month pretrial detention period. On August 1, a demonstration was staged in Baku by moped-riding couriers, objecting to the police’s impounding of their vehicles. Among the participants were members of the Union, including Elvin Mustafayev.

Ahead of Ilham Aliyev‘s visit to the Gazakh region, Azer Jabhaci posted on Facebook, stating that Aliyev‘s purpose was to inaugurate the redeveloped water and sewage system. However, the executed work fell short of the expected quality, resulting in substantial issues, including a surplus of food supplies. Given these circumstances, Azer Jabhaci planned to stage a solitary protest upon Aliyev‘s arrival. In response, authorities promptly detained him, subsequently imposing a fine of 200 manats.

The health of Samir Ashurov, a political detainee, has taken a severe downturn, as reported by his wife. Samir, who is afflicted with diabetes, has experienced a surge in his blood sugar levels and the emergence of leg ulcers during his time in prison. Concurrently, Samir has encountered cardiac issues, including an elevated heart rate. Samir Ashurov, wrongfully apprehended following his deportation from Germany, is presently confined in the Shuvalan prison. This facility is in a deplorable state, as reported by the inmates. The aging structures harbor unbearable conditions, devoid of adequate daylight and proper water supply. Sanitary facilities within the cells are in an appalling state, rendering the environment unhygienic.

People living on Topchubashov Street in Baku have expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the demolition of a historic building within their vicinity. The purpose behind this demolition is to make way for a hotel parking lot, linked to the family of President Aliyev. Erected in 1888, the said historical building was originally a hospital. Unfortunately, this occurrence is just one instance of numerous historic buildings in Baku meeting the same fate, as they are torn down to facilitate the construction of hotels and various other establishments. Member of the National Council of Democratic Forces Tofig Yagublu commented on the issue, asserting that this development is a continuation of the Aliyev regime’s actions aimed at curtailing human rights and freedoms. Yagublu’s Facebook post: “The Aliyev regime not only steals the wealth and freedom of this nation, repress its honest and decent people, falsify its history, but it also destroys historical architectural monuments. This government, which strongly condemns the Armenians destructing of our historical and architectural monuments in the occupied territories, and is spreading this to the whole world, is doing this act of violence right in the heart of Baku,. The family that once blew down the fortress walls of the Old City and built the Four Seasons Hotel in its place, now demolished the historical building in the center of Baku for the parking lot of another hotel of theirs. Half of the building was demolished for the parking lot of the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, owned by Absheron Hotel Group, a subsidiary of Pasha Holding. “Pasha Holding” belongs to the family members of President Ilham Aliyev.”

August 11, 2023