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Today the social network users actively continued to share the information about the state of health of the political prisoner and handicapped war veteran Asif Yusifli’s  daughter, who was in diabetic coma, the state of health of human rights defender  Oktay Gulaliyev, who is also in coma,  and the circumstances of the car accident leading to his injuries, the domestic violence case with the slaughtered young woman, information about the recent victims  at the front line in Karabagh, about winning the case of Natiq Jafarli at the European Court of Human rights, about planned rally of Musavat on the 12th November,  about the events in the REAL party,  and the round table at Musavat party headquarters.

The activist Zaur Akbar writes on his timeline: “There is not  a single good coming from our country: the health of the human rights defender Ogtay Gulaliyev is still without improvement, another young soldier- from Gazagh region was killed at the front line, the daughter of the political prisoner Asif Yusifli got into a coma, the people who were tortured during the rally on the 19 October still did not get the proper medical help, the courts are fulfilling the political request such as total disgrace at the hearing of the head of the Kanal13 Aziz Orujov, reported ( and unreported) daily dozens of suicides… This list can be continued, but the most depressing is that there is the ruling  elite, which has been stuck in the throat of people as unripe pear, immoral and unsatisfied, and continues to live in its plenty as if nothing happens”.

The FB users widely share the new information about circumstance of “car accident” with human rights defender Gulaliyev. Cingiz Sultansoy , journalist in exile, makes parallel between the today’s report of death of the Kazakh invstigative journalist in a similar car accident in Kazakhstan, while politician Gultekin Hacibeyli stresses vulnerability of regime critics, who were previously killed,  like journalists Elmar Huseynov, Rafik Tagi, Rasim Aliyev, because they were alone, without serious support base, and appeal to public to give all support to Oktay Gulaliyev. Also, FB users shared and comment with indignation the explanation of the “accident” by the representatives of the police, as the result of “the inattention of the victim”, as he was on the phone while crossing the street. There are many unclear moments in this case, in particular, that they do not show the records of the cameras etc.

The son of Oktay Gulaliyev writes from the hospital in Turkey:

“ I unfortunately have sad news to share with you. The doctors after the analysis here said, that three sections of his brain are completely damaged, and it is not possible to restore them. From now on, my father will be existing in this condition, and whether he will get out of coma in 6 months or 3 years- is unknown. He will only watch the world with his eyes- NOTHING else. The doctors here say, that whatever they did to him in Baku, whichever injections gave him- this brought him in such condition.

My father has lived through a lot for this country. They stabbed me, then imprisoned me under the fake charges, they put pressure on him, and offered him a  government position, but he never stopped his struggle. My father has tried to all he could for the human rights cause of this country, but unfortunately will not be able to do it anymore. From now on, in sufferings, he will continue struggle for survival. Before all of you, without any emotions, for bringing my father to current condition, and my mother who just had a surgery because of stress, I promise, that Ilham Aliyev will personally be responsible for this. Nobody should forget, I promise!!”

People share the information by Ali Kerimli, who reported visiting the daughter of the handicapped political prisoner Asif Yusifli, who was in coma lately. He wrote that doctors of the hospital 6 named after Melikov managed to get Esmira out of coma condition and thanked them all.  By the request of her father she will be transferred to the military hospital where the treatment will be continued. He expresses his gratitude to everyone who did not stay indifferent to her fate and state of health.

The journalist Nurlan Libre posts the list of the opposition Musavat party activists- more than 20 – members of the executive and elected structures, head of regional branches etc.  who were called to the police office and put pressure on in anticipation of the planned rally on the 12th November.

The daughter of the currently detained Musavat activist Tofig Yagublu writes about her brother Rahim, who was put pressure on regarding the upcoming rally on the 12th November  and was told to come to the Medical Commission’s check up for military drafting, while this is not the time for that.  (The government has been practicing threat of sending the children of the opposition leaders to the front line as means of pressure on the leaders – L.A.)

Arqument.az reports ( with reference to the journalist in exile)  about the acquisition of plot of land of 3 hectars behind the “glass market” (formerly the place of location of military base) in the capital for the cheaper price and building luxurious villas  by two generals – the Minister of Defence Zakir Hasanov and   Chief of General Staff of Azerbaijan’s Military forces and deputy defence minister Najmaddin Sadikhov. Both allegedly said that this was a present by the president Aliyev. The author asks: Where did they get the funds? It is clear with Sadikhov, who was robbing soldiers for26 years, but Hasanov was a minister only for 6 years. May be the The Fund for Support for the Military Forces has the budget line to finance villas for the generals? Are these the current reforms, as announced by the president?”

The famous blogger, youth activist and former political prisoner Mehman Huseynov declared his decision to run at the upcoming this year municipal elections from the Surakhani district 2 ( electoral district 31). The commentators happily support it with enthusiasm and joke about the possible positive outcome.

People continue to share information about events in the REAL party. Investigative journalist Khadija Ismayil explains her position and disappointment with the party and its leader Ilgar Mammadov, referring to inconsistency in behaviour of many members of its leadership. The other FB users summarize the claims of the resigned chair of Majlis of REAL Azer Gasimli, which he disclosed at the press conference.

The FB users continue to spread the information about the exhibition “The Baku’s protected gems” made within the framework of the EU delegation in Baku cultural festival “ A fantasy” at the Landmark ( according to the organizer architect Elchin Aliyev- the only place of all the museum and galleries, which agreed to host it) which testifies to a horrifying scale of destruction of the historical buildings in the capital. They all mention with irony the delayed reaction of the president, who five days later before the mayor of the city Eldar Azizov criticized the destruction of the buildings in the city, when all of them were already destroyed.

Readers continue to share quotations from statements of MPs. One of them depicts notorious Hadi Rajabli, who confesses that he considers replacement of the current deputies by the new ones as incorrect step, because the current MPs are full, while the new ones will be hungry. ( hinting on corruption).

 The FB users comment with indignancy the photo and information about the young person ( an orphan) , heavily injured  as a result of being beaten by the head of Shirvan district high way police in the city center. Some users comment, that if now they beat up innocent people in the streets, soon they will be simply coming home and beat them there.

The first statement upon his release of the political  prisoner and the  Popular Front Party activist Ramid Nagiyev is shared: “… I demand freedom to all political prisoners. Until the government resigns we are not giving up. I also invite the government to act lawfully. They, I suppose, know what might be the result of fake charges, pressure and illegal actions?”

13,111 views collected the video by the popular activist in exile Ordukhan Babirov  of the vigil arranged by four Azerbaijani political emigrants in Amsterdam’s main square. The programme/action is called  “An Hour of Solidarity” and had a big poster of the president Aliyev and his family, as well as critical discussion of the recent political events in Azerbaijan.

The FB users actively participate in the campaign on signing petition to the government to investigate the domestic violence case with the murder of  pregnant young woman, which has been started by the organization of Women for Rational Development of Shahla Ismayil. The petition is quickly collects signatures, while the information is accompanied by various comments, ranging from that this might be fake information to the necessity of soonest adoption of the Istanbul Convention. Some mention that MP Asim Mollazade has recently urged the parliament to adopt the convention as soon as possible. The others suggest deeper cooperation between both the government, parliament and NGOs. People comment that level of domestic violence reached an unbearable level.

FB users share the information about anticipating detains and pressure against the planned rally by Musavat on its activists. One by one, including the son of the currently detained Musavat activist Tofig Yagublu are called to the police stations and warn them not to participate in the rally. The journalist in exile compares the methods of this regime with those of “gestapo” in fascist Germany.

People share the information about police calling to the opposition activist Panah Huseyn ( routinely to cover all opposition members in the lists by districts) asking why did you go to the rally? “I am unemployed, just want to get my job back- he answers. Which job? – asks the policeman. “Prime – minister job”- responds Panah Huseyn ( he was  Azerbaijan’s prime-minister in 1992-1993). “What? – repeats the policeman….then hangs the receiver.

November 8, 2019