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The popular topic of this week was the award which was given by the Russia’s president Putin to the first lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva during her visit to Russia. Rasim Yunus, the activist in exile, comments: “The frequent visits of the vice-president Mehriban Aliyev to Moscow, including the last warm one  and yet another award received from the lands of Putin, clearly indicates that the couple of Aliyevs are the official representatives of Kremlin in Azerbaijan, and thats why all the Baku regime’s  domestic and foreign policy statements, including the solution to the Karabagh issue,   should be viewed through this prism.”

The FB users widely share and comment the collapse of the major high way part in the south of Baku near Bibi Heybat mosque, as an example of the “ quality” of multimillion infrastructure projects. Similarly, the poor condition of the other roads near Baku, such as Ramani settlement, are shared with ironic comments. The well known lawyer  Aslan Ismayilov, playing with the expression used by the president some years ago that the Azerbaijan economic development “does not analogues”, posts the photos of those roads with the comment: “ Here are the roads without analogues”. At the same time, many shared the photo of the enormous crowd at the metro station’s platform resulting from the stoppage of the train movements due to some technical problems on the metro trainline.  Deputy chair of the opposition PFP Gozel Bayramli comments: “ What happened to the metro? It looks like underground system is managed the same way as the whole country is. Problems should be fixed in time, so such crisis does not emerge. When they steal millions they do not think about consequences… It is a pure luck that today is Sunday…”

The activist Taleh Khasmammadov comments on the issue of trolls: “ Sometimes I deliberately post critical things about Ali Hasanov to test the activities of trolls. Because recently their activities seem to visibly decrease due to the diminishing resources… May the day come when similar t his trolls, he will keep silence too!”

The FB users continue to discuss the events in Iran ( public protests) and the reaction to Iran and the events there by the public in Baku. Natig Jafarli of REAL, speculates on Iranian Azerbaijan referring to what he calls “ the Elchibey syndrome”. Under this term he understands slogans related  to support for the needs and rights of Azerbaijani minority in Iran, calling him idealist  with far from political approach to the issue of neighbouring country. He considers that stress on ethnic issues plays in the hand of the regime there, which uses it as an excuse to suppress freedoms and rights of the population. The immediate objective of Azerbaijani democrats should be the united, but at the same time democratic and secularized Iran. In regards Azerbaijan, it should be turned into the model of the democratic, free and prosperous country and only this way we can help our brethren in the South, he concludes.

The e-media and FB users continue to reflect the rude violation of laws related to the environment in the Gagh and Shaki regions by AGO group, in particular the protest action by the community of the local villages ( Kanal13) against the elimination of the local woods with the purpose of the planting the hazelnuts for commercial production.

The journalist Nurlan Libre reports about the attempt of two young female activists Sanay Yagmur and Rabiyya Mammadova to hold action against domestic violence in front the parliament which was immediately stopped by the police, with the posters and telephones taken away from young feminists. They were put in the car and taken to the 9th police station. He also reported that later they were released.

The economist and politician Gubad Ibadoglu writes that the share of the resources of the future generations is being consumed today. He asks: “ Why the Strategic Roadmap plan is not followed and implemented?  In spite of decreasing the price of oil from 60 to 55 dollars for the barrel in predictions, the dependence of the budget on oil and gas for the year 2020 will remain very high. The share of the oil and gas sector in the budget will be 56,1% , of which 83,9% will be the transfers from the SOFAZ ( State Oil Fund). This is in spite of the planned by the Startegic Roadmap decrease of the share of the SFAZ transfers to 15%… All this means, that nothing will be left of the natural riches to the future generations…”

The mother of the former political prisoner, the prosecutor Ramil Safarov, Tahira Tahir qizi came up with the passionate appeal to the people and “the ruling dictator Ilham Aliyev” to leave her son alone and stop intimidating and putting pressure on him. Otherwise, she writes, she will pour gasoline and burn herself in front of the presidential palace.  Enough is enough, she concludes.

November 26, 2019

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