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More than 200 comments caused the posting about prominent lawyer Aslan Ismaylov’s interpretation of the case with the human rights defender Ogtay Gulaliyev, which defended the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and blamed those who criticised it.  The numerous postings were shaming the lawyer, revealing deep disappointment, were full of irony  and ideas that “he could never be trusted” and “he was bought off”.

FB users widely comment on developments ion Karabagh issue and adoption by the US Congress of the “Resolution on Armenian Genocide” They commented on and shared the interview of the former foreign minister Tofig Zulfugarov strongly criticising the recent statement by the current foreign minister Elmar Mammadyarov on the state of affairs in the Karabagh conflict and course of negotiations. After previously negatively having assessed Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov’s visit to Baku, Zulfugarov urges not to go to the “ game with communities” ( those of Karabagh) and that there is nothing which is seriously discussed in negotiations, as this is pure imitation. The political scientist and commentator  Ilgar Velizade comments on the US Congress resolution on “Armenian Genocide”: “Most of the countries who recognized the Armenian Genocide are states with majority Christian population, while among Muslim ones – only Syria, Lebanon and Lybia. These events took place in Ottoman Empire 100 years ago, but just two years the mass annihilation of the roginya minority in Myanmar took pace before the eyes of international community and the court in Hague is still discussing it…”  The other public leader stressed that this is a shame that the US used historical events as a political tool against certain leaders. Many commented that while Erdogan is in power, these sorts of events internationally will take place, and the country’s reputation in foreign arena will be declining.

The ex-imam of Juma mosque, chief editor of Deyerlerweb.info (Values web.info) Ilgar Ibrahimoglu (Haci Ilgar) appealed to the FB users to intensify the campaign for the rights of Muslim women to take photos for the documents- IDs and passports- in veils ( hijabs). He stressed that this prohibition in the country appeared only in 1998-1999 due to some mistaken conclusions. In Ukraine, or Russia and many other countries in the world such prohibition does not exist. He also mentioned Islamophobic attitudes in Europe.

At the same time FB users share the information about the decision of the ECHR in favour of the political prisoner the ex-leader of the Islamic Party Movsum Samedov with the ironic comments like “ Oh, this Islamophobic Europe”.

Also, with the reference to the publication by azxeber website the FB users share the details of the story with the tortures of the underage children by their father and stepmother. The article quotes: “ Nurane told us that when she is praying we should keep silence. Otherwise she will make us suffer”.

The NIDA youth movement leader, former political prisoner Ilkin Rustamzade complained that his postings are increasingly becoming the subject of deletion, and he does not know by whom. It caused numerous comments on whether this was FB or someone else, and how to resolve the issue. In connection with his intention to run for the upcoming parliamentary elections he appealed to the department of the serious crimes pf the prosecutor’s office to review his case and to cancel it. “ If the decision will be in my favour, – writes Ilkin,- I promise you the most interesting election campaign”. But elections are increasingly are tied to controversy, caused by suspicions, that they will be replaced by the agreement between the government and those who participate. Giyas Ibrahimov, a former graffiti prisoner, comments with irony, that REAL is now shaking hands with “the modern in appearance, but backward in his nature” the Russia based millionaire Farkhad Ahmadov. At the same time prominent public figure Hikmet Hajizade  stated that the upcoming parliamentary election will stay in the history  as   “The elections of sons and in-laws”. The activist of REAL Natig Jafarli in turn writes how seriously they take these elections as a struggle. He described the process of nominating the party candidates to various electoral districts and informed about nominating the lawyer Javad Javadov to the 17th  (Yasamal) electoral district.

Against the background of electoral campaign for the municipal elections, the FB users share information related to the local heads of executives in the regions. One blogger appeals to the citizen of Absheron region (Baku villages) that the way to get rid of their head of executive power of their region Irada Gulmamadova is to get fired the mini-dictator- the head of executive of Sumgayit – Zakir Farajov, who is turn also connected to the head of executive of Lachin region Agil Nazarli. He writes about suspicious violent deaths in these regions, such as murder of the municipality head and her husband in her own house in Sarayi, as well as a suicide of citizen of Lachin Muqabil Baxisov.   The arbitrary rule of the head of local executive of Sumgayit Adil Veliyev, who covered the deeds of the lawyer of the local administration Rafail Abdullayev, also is described by a lawyer. When he was defending the rights of the local citizen to build a fence was put pressure on by the group of people who introduced themselves as representatives of the local executive power and people of Rafail Abdullayev. ( who later escaped to Ukraine).

The Gurban Mammadov TV suggests that the military prosecutor Khanlar Veliyev who is the brother of the former Ganja head of executive Elmar Veliyev is abusing his power  against people of Ganja to take a revenge for the attempt on life of his brother last year.

The public figure and academic Altay Geyushov comments on the conference devoted to political ideologies in Azerbaijan by Baku Research Institute ( BRI), that after presenting their official point of view, it would be better if they had a debate of representatives of all parties in the country and independent researcher: Musavat, REAL, YAP etc.

For the FB users another reason for ridiculing MPs was the announcement of  older singer Zeyneb Khanlarova’s, the pro-government MP that she planned to move to the US, “because all her contribution to the development of the country was not appreciated.” They also share the information that she created a foundation Zeynab Khanlarova Foundation Inc. registered in Brooklyn, New York. One journalist comments: “ The house of Zeynab Khanlarova is big as a stadium, while she sings the song “ The world seem so narrow to me” .

The opposition activist Tofig Yagublu comments that “the best the West, including the US can do is to apply sanctions against Russia, who supports all the surrounding aggressive, autocratic and repressive regimes and at the same time to give all support to the democratization of these states. Not much but very important!“

The news about disappearance of the blogger Elvin Isayev in Ukraine,  who escaped  there due to the fears for his life is shared on FB.

The FB users actively share the news about slight improvement in the health of the human rights defender Oktay Gulaliyev, who was hit by the car and has been in coma while in the hospital in Turkey.

Deputy chair of the Popular Front Party Gozel Bayramly writes about their counterpart Ilham Huseyn, who was arrested for the 19th October protest rally. She publishes one of his poems, which is devoted to the concept of “dialogue”, which the author refers to with irony, as the word used by the government too often to cover its corrupt and repressive nature.

The FB users widely share the report, published by the Human Rights chair of the Council of Europe’ Dunya Miyatovich, where human rights in Azerbaijan, rights of legal defenders, and of  refugees and IDPs are reflected.

December 14, 2019

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