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The approaching e-day makes the  exchanges on the topic of election campaign more intense. FB users discuss the attempt to bribe Mehman Guseynov by his rival candidate Faraj Guliyev, the publication of the list of MPs, allegedly prepared by the government, published by Jamil hasanli,   …

 Fb users comment on the statement of the pro-government journalist MP Rafael Huseynov, that “ if there is a pressure on journalist, one should not look for the reason outside, but in journalist himself”  They consider that it originates from the logic, that “if the husband beats up a wife, she probably did something to deserve it”.

They also widely discuss the new election advertising video by Ilgar Mammadov where he uses the music of Uzeyir Mehdizade, who is very popular among less educated social circles. Some activists do it with humour and irony.

Gubad Ibadoglu of ADR posts the news about his “think tank” – Economic Research Center, which was rated in top 100 think tanks in the world according to the ranking of University of Pennsylvania.

FB users also discuss the reaction of the authorities to the international corruption scandals. The journalist Seumur Hezi comments: “ In Germany they delete from politics the name of the politician, who was involeved in the corruption scandal related to Azerbaijan, while in our country, they try to make such person ( like Samed Seyidov) the MP again. This is yet another indication of total shamelessness resulting from neglect and any respect for their own nation.”

The civil activist Samir Kazimli comments with irony  on some events during the course of election campaign: “ It is a good thing, that constituencies are getting rid of Chingiz Ganizade…, but the bad side of it, is that he may join the opposition again, and even blame some of it working for the government..” , “who has said that the elections of 2000 and 2005 were more free than the current ones? Did not they kill the journalist  Elmar Guseynov? Were there 700 political prisoners in Azerbaijan, or may be in Norway at that time? They have been repressing, killing, arresting both then and now”.

The activist in exile Ordukhan Babirov writes: “ Ali-Pashayevs have eliminated the country. Wherever you look, the country’s name is mentioned in corruption scandals worldwide”. Seymur Hezi comments in the spirit: “ It looks like Aliyevs understood the idea, that the “family is a cell of the state”, as “the state is a cell of the family”.

The journalist Hezi bey states with an irony, commenting on the large number of people, who left the country: “ Of 5 thousands friends I have, 4 thousands left the country”

FB users continue to discuss publication of the advance list of the government of the “ elected” MPs by Jamil Hasanli. Gozel Bayramli responds to the critical assessment of the publication; “ Jamil Hasanli discredited the authorities by publishing this list, showing the falsification and the cuplrit of it. In fact, every one who wants free and fair election in this country should do the same, but instead of attacking the government, they attack Jamil Hasanli… Well, may be that’s what required from them at this stage…”  Tofig Yagublu also joins in defending Jamil Hasanli with the similar arguments, but also adds, that those from opposition, who saw their names in the list instead of attacking Jamil Hasanli could have stated; “ that the government had to reconcile with my true victory”  and use it as a capital to build their campaign on”.. The journalist Seymur Hezi appeals to his followers: “ Dear friends, voters! Not only Aliyev misappropriates political power through falsified elections, violates the Constitution, undermining the foundation of our state. He steals from people to pay millions to the organizations, registered abroad, such as “ Arthur J. Finkelstein and Associates” to make fake exit polls to legitimize falsified elections. Look how deeply get involved in these dirty games those, who attack the activists, discrediting these games.  The government which promotes the candidacy of Cingiz Ganizade ( “pocket” opposition), based on opinion of Sahib Mammadov ( “ GonGO)  will not last long!…”

FB users also continue to discuss the rapid decline of favour and fall from power of Ali Hasanov ( ex-head of the social- political department of the presidential apparatus). Gozel Bayramli attracts attention to the fatal irony: “ The State Council on Support for Media refused to give financing to Ali Hasanov’s Caspii newspaper.. There were times, when Ali Hasanov together with Vugar Safarov, the director of that Fund, managed the finances assigned to the media outlets to build a big business network for himself. He was easily “ giving away” tens of thousands to the newspapers, who had 5-10 readers… What an irony…”

Ilkin Rustamzade writes on his experience from the door to door campaigning. “One of the most terrible impressions from my campaigning are the women being locked up in their houses ( I do not exclude, that some of these women were not saying the truth)

 The blogger and ex-political prisoner Mehman Guseynov writes on his timeline: “ I already won over Faraj Kuliyev, a fake and totally unknown MP, who was offering me money, job and other,  but I think he should be punished for disrespect for and using the votes of the community of the Garacukhur-Guneshli for his business.” He informs that he and his team filed a complaint to the Central Election Commission, so they would investigate it seriously. He suggests, that because he tried to bribe him, the rival candidate, he has suspicions, that he might have done so also in relations to the chair of the district electoral commission and all other staff. He further demands, that the candidacy of Faraj Guliyev should be cancelled by the Commission, international observation mission should pay special attention to the election district 31 of Surakhani and send as many observers as possible, while Faraj Guliyev should come out to people and ask apologize before them publicly.

Altay Geyushov appeals to the teachers: “  Teachers, who are being prepared to participate in “carousel” voting- please, do have a conscience, do not ruin the future of your nation.   The school is to insure the enlightened future, not to ruin it”

February 5, 2020

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