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FB users discuss and share the news about the decision of the Supreme Court on execution of the resolution of ECHR of the compensation to REAL activists, continuation of the communication blockade of the leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Karimli, the relations within the opposition camp, Karabagh conflict.

Seymur Hezi posts the information that Ali Karimli warns his followers that his whatsapp, facebook, telegram’s codes were all captured by the authorities and called them to be careful and be aware that he is not in control of his accounts.

Ruzgar Movsum continues the campaign on Freedom to Tofig Yagublu.

The leader of the ADR movement Gubad Ibadoglu posts on his timeline the statement by his movement on the factual “ house arrest of the PFP leader Ali Karimli and the arrest of Tofig Yagublu, as well as the other prisoners, or administratively detained during the time of quarantine and that it contradicts any political ethics and norms of culture and calls the authorities to stop taking an advantage of the pandemic with political purpose. The statement demands immediate release of all political prisoners.

He also analyses the situation of the decline of the oil price. He mentions that the decline of economy of the USA affects the world economy. So the fall of the WTI oil price yesterday to 15 dollars ( by more than 15%) – the lowest in the last 21 years -makes a difference with the other Brent type of oil (27,22 dollars) 12,3 dollars. The AzeriLight oil price last week was 21,11 dollars. The stoppage of the economy in the US led to the loss of jobs ( While in the last 10 years 23, 3 mln jobs  were created, in only 1 month of isolation – 22 mln jobs were lost) he concludes that the future of the world economy thus will be dependent on how quickly the Us will get out of this crisis.

Yadigar Sadyhkli comments on the Court of Appeal’s decline of the complaint by Tofig Yagublu about his sentence. He says that this rejection came after a month of his detention and is a proof that it is not some “ grouping” behind it, but personally Ilham Aliyev. He concludes by demanding freedom to Tofig Yagublu.

Seymur Hezi places the statement by the Popular Front Party related to the court decision in regards Elzamin Salayev. Few moths ago he was arrested because he defended the woman, who was harassed by the policeman in Salian region Hamza Azizov, and put the video proving it in the internet. He spent 30 days in detention and was tortured. He also had serious health consequences after that. On the 20th April 2020 the Salyan regional Court without any investigation based on the complaint of the policeman passed the verdict to arrest Zamin Salayev for 2 years 3 months . The party considers it  a part of the repressions against its members, as this is the 9th member of the party persecuted recently. It concludes, that the party members persecution including keeping their leader Ali Karimli in communication blockade  is the political request from the top of the country’s leadership.

The former prosecutor and political prisoner Rufat Safarov continues his memoirs about his time in prison, which are shared by many FB users. Arif Mammadov, the diplomat in exile writes : “ Dear Rufat, I apologize for being so distressed by the story that I could it even read it to the end. One thing is clear though that the crime will not be left without punishment. The time will pass, and their own family members and relatives with spit in with hatred their faces.”

Ilkin Rustamzade of NIDA movement brings  the anti-Netanyahu protests in Israel as an example of high culture of organization in Israel, commenting that this explains why they are not defeated by 100 mln Arabs. This also explains why Azerbaijanis are still in the such a dire condition, because one cannot imagine such high level of organization in our Azerbaijan.

Ali Karimli of PFP comments on the decline of the complaint by Tofig Yagublu 3 months detention sentence by the Court of Appeal and considers that this has been expected. After Ilham Aliyev’s speech full of hatred of opposition  especially one should not expect other decision from the long time discredited institution. He appeals to the people to join the campaign on  demanding freedom for Tofig Yagublu and all political prisoners.

He also calls the court sentence to activist of PFP Alizamin Salayev of 2 years and 3 months the continuation  of Ilham Aliyev’s animosity towards opposition. In the conditions of pandemic, when even committed of light crimes are released due to the risks to the health, he arrests innocent people. He calls his arrest illegal and political order. He concludes by assuring that they continue struggle for release of Alizamin Salayev and other political prisoners.

Ali Karimli reports that international organizations concerned about cases of violations of human rights during the pandemic and are developing mechanism to prevent using the situation of pandemic to limit freedoms and violate human rights. He mentions the resolution of the European Parliament, where there are provisions related to the non member -states. It calls these states not to make the measures against coronavirus contradict the human rights and international law, and that those measures should be temporary and be under permanent oversight. It condemns the intimidation, arrests and censorship of activists and journalists for the criticism of the government. And support global campaign for  release of political prisoners and those committed light crimes.

Altay Geyushov speculates on his timeline, criticizing the people for their “ radical ignorance”, and calling it the biggest problem in Azerbaijan. “Especially the so called intelligentsia is in a very poor condition and should be thrown into the garbage. But in fact it is there anyway. I have already compared here the intellectuals of the early last century and the Soviet ones. I am even ready to leave Ahmad Agayev, Ali bey Huseynzade, even the conservative Hashim Vazirov’s level aside. Let take one from any other field. For instance, when the Soviet Union collapsed there was nobody at the level of Dadash Buniadzade  in terms of his knowledge, but there was Ramiz Mehdiyev. Or, in religious area- you cannot even compare Huseyn Effendi Gayibov , or Molla Cavad in Baku, with Allah shukur Pashazade. And at last, compare the actor Rasim Balayev, who called coronavirus the punishment by Allah, with the memoirs of the early 20th century actor Sarabskii-the difference between their world view is like between the earth and the sky. From 1906 to 1914 there were 6-7 independent from the state and existing with public money charity organizations which were building schools, gymnasia etc. Now the level of education of our society radically dropped. Which means, that as a result of growing education and enlightenment of the society in early 20 th century led to the creation of the first democratic republic of Azerbaijan, while contemporary ignorant society would not be able to create a worthy state. And one more thing- if you read Sarabskii,, you will know that both then and now those who tell the truth had always been attacked by the dark, ignorant and uneducated masses.”

Gozel Bayramli, deputy head of PFP, condemns the verdict of the Salyan court to arrest Alizamin Salayev for 2 years 3 months . She reminds that the judge of the Salyan court Agarza Samadov is the same one who few years ago in his capacity of a judge of Gazagh regional court read her a verdict of 3 years in prison.

Nurlan Libre reports that the activist of Khazar regional branch of PFP Avaz Ahmadov was hijacked  from the construction site of teh firm ANAY,where he worked by the people in civiliam cloths and taken in black jeep in unknown direction. Ahmadov did have a permit to work.

Gubad Ibadoglu is concerned about absence of the sense and a concept of “us” in the society. He explains the root causes of this phenomenon by its weakness and absence of any role for the society and of its capacity to influence  under authoritarian conditions. Besides, he consider, we did to it by too frequent self-criticism, and pessimism. He suggest the way to address the issue by opening a virtual platform, which would allow to discuss the issues of common concern and bring closer the positions of various groups in the society making the sense of “us” stronger.

Rabiyya Mammadova a feminist activist comments on the recent trend  in the social networks, that “ this people are not worth of your sacrifice and your devotion”, “ these people are hopeless and ungrateful” etc. She justifies passivity of people by the increased ignorance, which is a direct result of the declining level of education last 30 years. But we cannot bring us the people from France. We have to work with people we have. Otherwise as a nation we will cease to exist. Lets get rid of pathos- “ I am fighting for the people, why they do not defend me?” They are not obliged to defend you. But if something happens to me, I am sure there is always someone who will help me I am also concerned about the future of my little Deniz, I will leave her inheritance of struggle , because I do not want her to grow up and live in such bad conditions. The reason why I shared the screenshot of the curses sent to me was just showing you what we are facing in our struggle, it is clear we are not robots and can get emotional too, but we are steady on our way.”

Yadigar Sadyghli reminds that today is 150 anniversary of Vladimir Lenin the same Lenin, who praised Shahumian for the March 1918 massacre of thousands of Azerbaijanis, and wrote “tell ter-Gabrielian to prepare fully to burn Baku completely. But some of our citizens complainig about the level of education, or unemployment praise him and his times.

Seymur Hezi reporst about continuation of persecution of the Populr Front Party members. Avaz Ahmadov – member of the Khazar branch of the party received 20, while member of the Surakhani branch – 30 days of administrative detention.

“It will not be possible to stop our peaceful and democratic struggle!”

He suggests that the cause of the communication blockade of Ali Karimli is the losses which Ilham Aliyev has from the activities of the leader of the Popular Front Party. He mentions that because Ali Karimli has regularly and systematically been revealing the amount of money stolen by authorities from people, that he proposed certian amount of state compensation and aid package has already cost Aliyev first- 2, 5 bln, and then 4 bln manat. He also could not stand the increasing rating of Ali Karimli obvious from the amount of his followers.

He reports that the FB account of the member of the Board of the PFP Emi Salim was hacked.

Natig Jafarli comments on the plans of the authorities to review the budget and to cut expenditures in infrastructure and construction. But he asserts that while it looks a wise decision, the problem is that due to the primitive economic model this will lead to many dire social consequences, such as significant unemployment. The model is the following – the oil is sold, the money goes to the SOFAZ, which makes transfers to the state budget , which then pay salaries, stipends and pensions, and stimulates trade ( so the taxes from trade are also related to oil), then the budget allocated money for investments, construction and infrastructure projects, which creates thousands of jobs, and develops the economic activities related to that. And how can one cut the expenditures in this primitive system? This will result in leaving tens of thousands without jobs. Well, the authorities got into a trap of the system , which was created by themselves. But I hope may be starting from now it will clear for everyone that it is not possible to last ling with such a primitive model”

Ilkin Rustamzade reports that the site of the news agency Abzas.net  was hacked and all the archives and articles were deleted, including his won. “ I am sorry.. And just yesterday the Reporters without Borders has moved Azerbaijan of 180 states from 166 to 168 rank on the media freedom index.. It is obvious that the government is not going to continue imitation –  simply moved to the direct attack on media.

Ali Inglabchi calls people to stop discussing the statements of the actress Afag Bashirgizi, as by devoting so much time to her, they make look more important. In fact, the main source and indicator of immorality is flattering to power. “We better spend time discussing the issue of political prisoners, dire economic and political situation in the country, “ he comments.

Arif Mammadov comments that Alex Raufoglu called Ilahm Aliyev Maduro of the Caucausus. Great comparison! Then Ali Karimli is the opposition leader Guaido!

Bakhtiyar  Hajiyev reports that the reason of the cut of the internet of the half of the country was the damage to the “strategic communication line” by some construction. He ridicules the quality of protection of the communication lines by the “Very High Technologies Ministry

Nurlan Libre comments on the decision of the Supreme Court on the cases of Ilgar Mammadov and Rasul Jafarov of REAL– pay them compensation in accordance with the decision of the European Court for Human Rights. He mentions that Tofig Yagublu and Ilgar Mammadov were arrested at the same time accused of the same article. “Now they have arrested Tofig Yagublu again but accused of the other crime, while Ilgar Mammadov is paid compensation . This is probably because Tofig Yagublu did not manage to establish a dialogue with the authorities. He should have elected the “guy on the white horse” instead of Ali Karimli back then” He also posts  satirical “ news” on his timeline: “ The last minute! The police detained near 10 prominent members of opposition in the headquarters of REAL party  who were eating and drinking and celebrating. They are charged with violation of the quarantine rules, and among them the camera grasped the image of the MP Erkin Gadirli with two bottles of vodka Nemiroff”

Gubad Ibadoglu comments that the  Supreme Court’s decision on two REAL activists he considers important, but half measure and a delayed one. Because, in the decisions of ECHR there are also cases of Intigam Aliyev, Anar Mammadli, Rashad Hasanov, Zaur Gurbanov, Rashadat Akhundov and Uzeyir Mammadli, which were supposed to be considered at the Supreme Court plenum. Also, Tofig Yagublu was arrested at teh same time with Ilgar Mammadov and he demanded his release and decision on his case. In the state with a rule of law there cannot be a selective application of justice, that’s he expects the soonets continuation of adopting similar decisions on the other cases too.

Seymur Hezi posts the statement by the press service of the party  Just one day from the life of the Popular Front Party: arrests and cyberattacks. He mentions that with the most recent arrest of two more members of the PFP – Avaz Ahmadov and Arif Babayev- the number of detained members of PFP reached 11.Besides, they hacked the FB account of Emil Salim and started to send out indecent messages from his account. This happened right after the speech of Ilham Aliyev on the 19th March 2020 and thats why the PFP considers political leadership responsible for this persecution.In teh end the statement assures that nothing can divert or stop their peaceful and democratic struggle.

Arif Mammadov comments on the decision of teh Supreme Court hinting that it is a result of the agreemnt betweeh the president and REAL party. “ It seems that the price of the aquintance meeting was 234 thousand manat”

Ramis Yunus, the commentator in exile, notes: “ The Aliyev regime has appointed a pocket opposition in the person of the REAL party for 234,000 manat plus one seat in parliament. Who else is ready to become a lawyer for the devil?”

Alasgar Ahamadoglu congratulates Rasul Jafarov and Ilgar Mammadov with the decision of the Supreme Court but expresses his big regret that the justice which was conducted 8 years later cannot be considered justice!”

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev shames the authorities for hacking accounts of himself and other activists on whatsapp, instagramm, telegram, facebook, Linkedin, yahoo, gmail etc. “They registered my email address  at the site called Armenian passion, called on my behalf to the rally from the fake account, recording my telephone, etc. I do not care abd would not write this post, if I was not so sorry for you- this childish, primitive methods and issues you are involved in. If that was done by Nigar Arpadarai I would understand it, but why you? There are thousands problems in the country, people are hungry, but your team is looking for the passwords of Instagram. Lets consider that you hacked all my accounts and read a letter with compliments to some woman so what? If you want I will send you all my passwords, so you will read all my letters. Do get involved in the more serious problems, otherwise yours look very petty”

Mehman Huseynov the journalist and human rights defender in exile comments on the outcome of the Supreme Court meeting in relations to Ilgar Mammadov and Rasul Jafarov. “ Acquitted?  Very good. But Tofig Yagublu was also accused with the same article and he is again in prison. As far as I know, they were friends in prison and came out to the court hearing together. At least do not forget your friend of the hard times. You should call to give acquittal to Tofig Yagublu too. He should also be immediately released and given a compensation”

Khadija Ismayil also comments :” I wish this happened not after the elections and post election events.. While acquittal was their right, it creates an impression of the bribe”…

Nigar Hezi comments: “ The acquittal of Ilgar Mammadov and Rasul Jafarov and the compensation for the moral damage is of course a  very good event. I wonder whether this will be extended to the other political prisoners? For instance, will be acquittal rendered  to Tofig Yagublu who was arrested for the same event? The state did not fulfill the obligation to give compensation either to my father, or Nargiz,  my sister, as it was prescribed by the ECHR. And if the government is not biased against our family, they should release my father and give the compensation.”

REAL in turn published a statement  where it called acquittal of Ilgar Mammadov and Rasul Jafarov a  historical event for the Azerbaijani justice system, as it created a new precedent. It showed that the country’s legislation is ultimately effective, and the European Convention for Human Rights makes this system even more effective. The party especially stressed the role of the Azerbaijani judges in the ECHR – Khanlar Hajiyev and Latif Huseynov who were consistently voting in favor of two  REAL members. They also admit that the acquittal took place against the background of REAL acceptance of the dialogue proposal from the government. In the end they express gratitude to all REAL members, lawyers and community.

Bajtiyar Hajiyev comments: “ The acquittal was their right, but if the decision was just, they would it give it to Tofig Yagublu too”.

Ilkin Rustamzade reports that for three days the cursing and warning messages come to his whatsapp account and the main message is : Do not organize riots!” Hey, idiots I am sitting at home and playing PUBG, but they are stubbornly saying, that I am preparing a riot. Looks like they will put “ weapons” from PUBG in my hands and will arrest us for an organization of armed riot “

He also comments on the Supreme Court decision: “ Ilgar Mammadov and Rasul Jafarov has gotten acquittal. One has blocked me, the other- unfriended. I am proud and happy “.

Altay Geyushov responds to the “insults” which took place in the program by Sevinc Osmangizi and in turn calls her insincere and swindler.

Natig Jafarli makes comments on two issues: acquittal of two REAL members and the tax relief as part of the aid package of state in connection with pandemic. He starts with the importance of the event and explains that authorities gave up because the Council of Europe started a procedure ( uniquely) which could end up by exclusion of the country from the members of the CoE.  1). The innocent people were acquitted 2) The precedent was created that political cases would be resolved by the internal judicial system 3) This decision will open the way to acquittal of the other innocent political prisoners.

He tries to respond to the argument that Tofig Yagublu was not acquitted, by asserting that his case was submitted later and in a less professional manner, as Ilgar Mammadov even was preparing the documents in English in prison. REAL has always admitted that it stands for the dialogue with the authorities and prefers it to animosity. He stresses that the opposition is not strong enough to have a sufficient basis among population so they should think about alternative ways for the people, who do not come to the elections or public rallies. Times have changed, but some are still living the 1988.

He critically reviews the program of the government regarding concessions on taxes. He comments that some offers are good, some are half measures, while serious others are totally absent. He thinks that the government still is not aware the degree of depth of the ongoing crisis. He lists the areas where the concessions will be applied 1) Hotels 2) Tourism-operators3) Social catering 4) automobile transport 5) food delivery 6) exhibitions, theaters, cinemas etc. 7)sports complexes 8) preparation and qualification courses, psychological centers 9) and other activities which were limited by the Cabinet of Ministers  due to the pandemic. These areas are relieved from property and land taxes starting from 1st of January for a period for the whole year. They will be also relieved from the75% of the profit tax. But will the stopped areas of business activities be able to produce profit, notwithstanding the tax? But the government did not touch one of the most important problems- the issue of rent. Most of the businesses in the afore mentioned areas rent premises. The other important problem is business and consumer credits. He stresses again, that all interests of the credit loans should be frozen for 6 months, while the banks should be relieved from the taxes for these 6 months.

Gozel Bayramli of PFP comments: “ The government which cannot afford giving child benefits, or aid for unemployed, buys the garbage bins for 499 manat each. Baku City Council’s enterprise The construction and renovation of Baku bought 10, 000 garbage bins from the company “ Construction-Repair- production-Restoration” for 4 mln 993 thousand 996 manat.

The board of the Supreme Council of PFP held the next online meeting devoted to the recent pressure on the party and the social-political situation in the country. It discussed the blockage of the telephone ( both mobile and the landline), internet communication of the leader of the PFP Ali Karimli, hacking of all the social networks accounts recognized it as illegal and made a decision to continue the protest campaign around it. The issue of arrested under the excuse of coronavirus pandemic was also touched at the meeting and it was decided to continue both their legal protection  and advocacy campaign on social networks. Then the social issues which they people are facing while being on lockdown at homes.

Arif Mammadov reports that he saw today the insulting post about Sevinj Osmangizi and some of his FB friends put their likes under it. He immediately unfriended them. And if the rest do not delete their likes, he warns, he will delete them tomorrow too.

Seymur Hezi says that the government had crossed all the red lines. He reports that by the words of his family, the activist of Surakhani branch of the PFP Arif Babayev was arrested and beaten up by the policeman Elnur Aliyev, who is the chief of the department of the Surakhani 30, and then in the Binagadi detention center was forced  to “ promise that he will not make calls against the statehood” and recorded on the video. The policeman Elnur Aliyev is the grandchild of the sister of Heydar Aliyev Shafiga Aliyeva and brother in law of the head of executive power of Narimanov district of Baku Abdin Farzaliyev.

Gubad Ibadoglu made a statement that  while the pandemic in Azerbaijan will stop one day, but the corruption and monopolies will stay.

  1. To my numerous inquiries where 350 mln worth medical equipment is brought from, which companies are those, I still did not get the answers. Even in the time of pandemic, the information about medical supplies, tenders etc is kept secret, although it is bought on the budget money.
  2. In spite of my numerous appeals to the Ministry of Labor and Social protection they still did not make public the list of those (with their addresses) who received an aid package. Or the list of business who helped Ministry of Economy to pay salaries to the recipients.
  3. In spite of my numerous demands of bureaucrats to present their income declarations. However, they transfer their income from unknown sources to the Coronavirus Foundation.

“That’s why, he concludes, I think that while the virus pandemic  will come to an end here, the disaster of corruption and monopoly will continue to rule”.


April 25, 2020

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